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Riders of Justice (2020)

Riders of Justice (2020)




Mads Mikkelsen

Nikolaj Lie Kaas

Andrea Heick Gadeberg

Lars Brygma


Directed by Anders Thomas Jensen


Here is a Danish movie everyone should see. It is in Danish, and you must see it with subtitles, but it is worth every minute.

First a good revenge movie is always a fun watch, then add the twist of a revenge movie go wrong based on wrong perception and you have a masterclass of how to make a movie.

Mads Mikkelsen plays Markus a soldier who was on duty when things went down the drain for his family.  His tour had to be cut short so he can come home to care for his daughter, but he is so messed up that he almost ruins her. The movie is written with some dark comedy to make the thrilling drama go down well.

When we see a mother and a daughter waiting to meet the man of the house who is on duty and will be away on duty for another three months, your mind start looking for links. Then we see a man (Otto) who seems to be obsessed with algorithms you start to wonder where all these characters will meet. The three met in a train where Otto was a gentleman giving his sit to the mother, before the train had an accident.

The train incident led to the death of the mother leaving the daughter Mathilde alone. From here we start to connect the links a little. The train incident also led to the death of a witness needed to put the leader of a gang called Riders of Justice behind bars.

Otto loves to crunch out numbers and he saw a man leave the train moments before it took off. The same man threw away the meal he just bought without eating much of it. Otto starts to suspect that this train accident must have been staged to get rid of the witness. To help cement his case, he ran a facial recognition to discover that the man who left the train was a brother to the leader of Riders of Justice.

Otto and his friends find Markus to tell him (the reason for this is not strong enough). Otto tracked down Markus because he recalled the daughter. Markus asked to be updated when the locate the man. They did and he drove there with Otto and his two friends and kills the man.

The leader gets free and now knows that someone killed his brother, and he wants revenge. While Markus wants to continue his revenge on the people, he believed are responsible for his wife’s death.

This a good film, one worth seeing.


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