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Tickets to Paradise (2022)

Tickets to Paradise (2022)



George Clooney

Julia Roberts

Kaitlyn Dever

Billie Lourd


Directed by Ol Parker


This is a horrible movie, predictable and to a point annoying that the existence of this movie mars the image of these two pairings in my head. What is the point of movies like this when the story is one of tales as old as time and the ending is one of those ones you can see coming a mile away. I was hoping with all my heart that this movie will not just end the way I am seeing it go. Then we get the regular party they get drunk wake up together, one ends a relationship, and they are back together.


Can someone tell me why this crap? Are there no new ideas left in Hollywood. The pacing was horrible and you can watch the movie by just seeing the first 10 minutes and skip to the last 10 minutes.

This movie had no potential from the start, if you have ever seen movies before this one falls into the category of a very expensive B-movie. Starring very expensive cast members. The joy of watching this movie came when the credits started to scroll by.

It is not a good thing when the best part of watching a movie is to guess how many other movies, they stole ideas from.

When the plot shows a divorce couple who seem to be so much into no standing each other you can guess where this will end. They seem to talk so much to one another and have so much to say for two people who cannot stand one another.

Their daughter travels and calls home that she has found the love of her life and is about to get married. Hmm… on her first try. The couple gang up to go there and ruin the marriage and get to take their daughter home.

Let us look at the moral of this point, your child wants to get married, you think it is quick you do not do a sit down to discuss your feelings about the matter, even though the child gives you such an opening to do so. You thought the best thing to do is to tell her no need to talk we are fine with this and instead work on a plan to sabotage the marriage plans. I guess the award of parent of the year should go to these two.

Does the movie let up from copying others, nope it just dove right in, and we have what I said above a drunk night like every movie seems to get and sex. When such a thing happens, why are they not having some sort of hangover?

Any ways everything else about this movie mattered to nothing more interesting than watching the credits go by. What a waste of time this movie ended up being.

The School of Good and Evil (2022)

The School of Good and Evil (2022)





Sophia Anne Caruso

Sofia Wylie

Laurence Fishburne

Kerry Washington

Charlize Theron


Directed by Paul Feig


I give the movie one thing; I did not see somethings coming. It looked predictable, but in the end all my predictions were wrong. That aside the movie is just another hope of creating a franchise by doing some remix of the old fairy tales we know. The movie has a knack of forgetting its own characters, over playing some instances, and generating feelings between characters that never existed in the first place.

It is poorly written, and the casting was hit and miss in many places. There were some castings which flowed and others which just made you wish you can smash the screen when their faces came up.

The movie had an idea, this adventure fantasy work will change the way we see things when it comes to fairy tale stories stores. The movie failed in doing this.

It reminds me of the ABC series Once Upon a Time. Which for the first five seasons or so had the whole remixing fairy tale thing working perfectly and then got carried away in its own idea and sunk the show in never ending arcs and repeating instances that never got anywhere. This is how this felt, even though some of the way the characters ended may not have been what I thought, by the whole plot was just rolling round and round.

The movie is about two friends Sophie and Agatha who live in a town which treats them as outsiders. The two girls always looked out for one another and spend many of their times reading stories, with Sophie craving to be saved. She wanted so badly to be like the Princesses in her stories saved by a prince. There is a place called the school of good and evil (a place Sophie has read about and so wishes to be taken to the school of good) where our fairy tale characters go for their training. The good ones are enrolled in the school of good and the bad ones the school of evil. It so happens this pair of friends got enrolled and one day as Sophie and Agatha were walking a creature came to catch Sophie. Sophie knows this creature was her redemption from her reading about the school of good and evil. The creature is going to drag her to the school of good to be a princess. But Agatha was not going to let any creature take her friend and she held on to Sophie trying to free her, but the creature just took them both. Agatha is not thrilled with this new outcome. Sophie on the other hand was thrilled she was going to be in the school of good with her friend. But here comes the switch, Sophie gets dumped in the school of evil and Agatha in the school of good.

From here the movie just sinks into oblivion of the two wanting to get Sophie into the school of good while an old evil magical man wants to make sure things stay as there are so he can gain more power.

Give it to Netflix to spend so much money in casting and effects and then ruin the whole thing with lame script.

The movie then decide to end in the most stupid predictable way, the veil between both worlds have been torn.

Enter the Fat Dragon (1978)

Enter the Fat Dragon (1978)




Sammo Hung

Lee Hye-sook

Ankie Lau


Directed by Sammo Hung


Note: This review contains spoilers


There is a reason why you have not heard about this movie (in the case you are like me who just stumbled on it), it sucked. I liked the idea, but the execution lacked any form of conviction that the producers themselves thought this was a good idea or a hit.

It seemed lazy and not well put together (like a cheap B-Movie), I have like many others grew up watching movies which starred the old gees from China, so the time of production of this movie is not the reason why this movie sucked. It is for me the lack of good script to follow the idea they were trying to execute. Good actors and the poor directing just ends up being a waste of time.

If you compare this movie to the old Jackie Chan movies, you will fully understand and see the lack of money that also played a role in the poor production of this movie.

This movie also lacked good settings. What was the deal with fighting in tight corners?

The lack of a good sure-footed grounding on how the main character got to know Kung Fu was also not shown, making you expect that his first encounter will be a beat down from his end. After seeing that he is good and he seems to be able to take down everyone that steps up to him, the charm of the character vanished as quickly as the movie’s purpose.

The movie plot is about a pig farmer named Lung (Sammo Hung) who is obsessed with Bruce Lee and wanted so much to be like him. Lung was sent to the city to go be with his uncle to make money. His uncle ran a roadside restaurant and Lung showed up ready to assist in the best way he can. After an incident caused him to beat up some of the customers who later trashed the place, Lung was without work. He got another job working as a waiter where a lady he met on his way to the city was being harassed he showed off his Kung Fu again. Then later when his friend was being harassed, he showed off his willingness to attack the attacker, and got them fired.

Now they got another job as ushers/waiters at a wedding and one of the waitresses there was going to be kidnapped and now Lung must be the hero and save the girl.

In the end, the movie was just a waste of time and I really think they overplayed the idea of this being a comedy.

The Outfit (2022)

The Outfit (2022)




Mark Rylance

Zoey Deutch

Johnny Flynn

Dylan O'Brien


Directed by Graham Moore


The movie was ok, this old school themed movie, has what you will expect from the crime noir of the 60s. The plot is good, drenched with lies, double crossing, secret lives and more double crossing as we try to wiggle our way out of a very long web. The movie makes you look at the tailor as the author of all the confusion setting in, but then unwound and tangled on the legs of someone else.

The Outfit chief selling point will be the lack of unnecessary action. This crime thriller had like three shoot scenes, but safe to say you can count the amounts of bullets used. Set in Chicago in the 50s. The movie starts with a tailor as he tells us how he handles sewing suits for his clients. There seem to be more than what he lets off which is one of the predictabilities of this movie. Even as the web of lies is being drawn around him, soon the movie enters a rhythm where you see the possible outcomes of many issues. These things can make you either like or dislike how this movie is setting up. Leonard (our tailor) ran his shop with one assistant called Mable. Now there is a gangster family who as we saw in Sopranos run things through the shop. If Leonard does not say anything to anyone, then all is well.

We soon learn that Leonard makes sure to distant himself from the activities of the mob who run things though his shop. His assistance has a dream to travel and is saving up.

But the crime boss son had this lose tongue on him that made him come out more mouth than work. One day the tailor meets one of Mable’s boyfriends and that made him uneasy, but that uneasiness was nothing compared to when the next day the son of the crime boss shows up shot in his shop and he now must care for him. He was being helped by the crime boss right hand man, Francis.

Leonard’s wanting to be distant from the dealings of the family fell apart in one instant as he was now knee deep in their business. The police were after the family and the family want to fish out the rat in their crew.

Soon the crime boss shows up and things no longer starts to add up as Leonard was seeing guns being branded and many people pointing hands as lies seem to be the only thing keeping him and the others from being shot by the crime boss.