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Black Adam (2022)

 Black Adam (2022)




Dwayne Johnson

Aldis Hodge

Sarah Shahi


Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra


Black Adam is a superhero film based on a DC character of the same name. It is a spin-off of 2019's Shazam! and the eleventh feature film in the DCEU.

You watch Black Adam and thank Marvel for not allowing anyone of the actors to have any form of liberty on how things will be. I do not believe that the director saw the acting of the Rock and felt this was good. I do not want to believe that anyone saw this plot and felt this was good. It must have been another form of liberty from others to have created this mess. Anyone who praised the acting, really needs to go watch more anti-hero movies to get a glimpse of what should be expected.

The movie crumbles on its own weight of bad plot, useless villain and the action was just one of those things you will expect from a TV-movie.

The plot and the way they drew out the sequences on screen shows you that this movie from like ten minutes in will be a struggle. This was hard to watch and harder to stomach that this was a movie worth any of your time.

The movie dragged the idea of Black Adam being alive and being an antihero for more than three-quarters of the movie. I have never seen such obvious wasted gimmicks like this in a while. It reached a point I wanted to yell at Hawkman, I get it he is the bad guy can we carry on please.

It was from here that you know that this movie did not have any plan at all, it had a beginning (free Black Adam) and an end, he will take on a descendant of the bad guy from his time. The more than 100 minutes in between all these were just fillers.

The story starts in the past, where a child was able to start a revolt in his country and was about to be killed for that, when some wizards blessed him with powers, Shazam like powers.

We get fast-forwarded to see Black Adam was born taking on the ruler and oppressor of his people.

Now in the present day the country is overrun by new villains who want nothing but to become true rulers, they are searching for a crown, which the leader believe will give him the power to rule the world. The crown was found by a professor while being chased by the bad guys, when she and her crew were going to be killed, she saw an incantation on the ground, she read it and released Black Adam who saved her and now is free.

Doctor Fate and his crew came and told Black Adam he is not wanted, and they were going to be the one to save his people. While these two groups fight this weird topic, the bad guys kidnap the professor’s son and want the crown for his release.

So, we have to see Black Adam and Doctor Fate’s crew put their differences aside to save the young man. In the end, I can guess that the after-credit scene was all this movie is all about. If that is all you get to see, then you are good. Look for that, this whole movie is a mess and a lot of fluff and a total waste of time.



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