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Tickets to Paradise (2022)

Tickets to Paradise (2022)



George Clooney

Julia Roberts

Kaitlyn Dever

Billie Lourd


Directed by Ol Parker


This is a horrible movie, predictable and to a point annoying that the existence of this movie mars the image of these two pairings in my head. What is the point of movies like this when the story is one of tales as old as time and the ending is one of those ones you can see coming a mile away. I was hoping with all my heart that this movie will not just end the way I am seeing it go. Then we get the regular party they get drunk wake up together, one ends a relationship, and they are back together.


Can someone tell me why this crap? Are there no new ideas left in Hollywood. The pacing was horrible and you can watch the movie by just seeing the first 10 minutes and skip to the last 10 minutes.

This movie had no potential from the start, if you have ever seen movies before this one falls into the category of a very expensive B-movie. Starring very expensive cast members. The joy of watching this movie came when the credits started to scroll by.

It is not a good thing when the best part of watching a movie is to guess how many other movies, they stole ideas from.

When the plot shows a divorce couple who seem to be so much into no standing each other you can guess where this will end. They seem to talk so much to one another and have so much to say for two people who cannot stand one another.

Their daughter travels and calls home that she has found the love of her life and is about to get married. Hmm… on her first try. The couple gang up to go there and ruin the marriage and get to take their daughter home.

Let us look at the moral of this point, your child wants to get married, you think it is quick you do not do a sit down to discuss your feelings about the matter, even though the child gives you such an opening to do so. You thought the best thing to do is to tell her no need to talk we are fine with this and instead work on a plan to sabotage the marriage plans. I guess the award of parent of the year should go to these two.

Does the movie let up from copying others, nope it just dove right in, and we have what I said above a drunk night like every movie seems to get and sex. When such a thing happens, why are they not having some sort of hangover?

Any ways everything else about this movie mattered to nothing more interesting than watching the credits go by. What a waste of time this movie ended up being.


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