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Breaking (2022)

Breaking (2022)





John Boyega

Nicole Beharie


Directed by Abi Damaris Corbin


I am not American, so I don’t know much about how veterans are being treated in their country. But judging by the number of movies that talk about the unfair ways veterans get treated when they get out of service, I think that country may need to do some serious reforms. But movies are what they are and may not be as true as they make it. But this is based on the real-life story of Brian which happened not far from now, back in 2017.

Story and acting wise this movie melodically keeps the tension hot and cold in a way to sooth you and you just watch peacefully. Well directed and good pacing, and I never expected to see an excellent acting range from John Boyega.

This is a nice work from him, taking his acting powers beyond the character that runs around when everything gets hot to one owning the show. In this movie he has the controls and was able to pass the message across of his challenges and make you feel what he is going through.

This dramatic thriller tells the story of Brian a veteran whose disability check was taken to pay off some of his loans and debts. Now I am not in the government system, but this is a disability check and should not be touched. In Brian’s case he claims that the money was taken out fraudulently because he does not agree with the VA accounting. He claims what he owes is begin paid for and does not give the VA the right to take his money to make any payments on his behalf.

He decided to do something about it by bringing the VA to the public light.

His way of handling it is something I will say is an over do.

Here is where the movie (which is a true-life scenario) gets me off, if the VA is the problem go to the VA and hold them up in a hostage situation.

The actions of Brian in this choice and his actions in the bank exposed the mental capability of Brian. It also shows the sick way the country chooses to handle things regarding veterans or hostage things may be a bit too heavy handed. But you may say it is easy to say because I am sitting far from the case and not close enough to the matter at hand.

Anyways, he decided to hold up a bank with a bomb until the VA refunds his money.

How the movie ended is something you will have to watch yourself to see.


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