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Enter the Fat Dragon (1978)

Enter the Fat Dragon (1978)




Sammo Hung

Lee Hye-sook

Ankie Lau


Directed by Sammo Hung


Note: This review contains spoilers


There is a reason why you have not heard about this movie (in the case you are like me who just stumbled on it), it sucked. I liked the idea, but the execution lacked any form of conviction that the producers themselves thought this was a good idea or a hit.

It seemed lazy and not well put together (like a cheap B-Movie), I have like many others grew up watching movies which starred the old gees from China, so the time of production of this movie is not the reason why this movie sucked. It is for me the lack of good script to follow the idea they were trying to execute. Good actors and the poor directing just ends up being a waste of time.

If you compare this movie to the old Jackie Chan movies, you will fully understand and see the lack of money that also played a role in the poor production of this movie.

This movie also lacked good settings. What was the deal with fighting in tight corners?

The lack of a good sure-footed grounding on how the main character got to know Kung Fu was also not shown, making you expect that his first encounter will be a beat down from his end. After seeing that he is good and he seems to be able to take down everyone that steps up to him, the charm of the character vanished as quickly as the movie’s purpose.

The movie plot is about a pig farmer named Lung (Sammo Hung) who is obsessed with Bruce Lee and wanted so much to be like him. Lung was sent to the city to go be with his uncle to make money. His uncle ran a roadside restaurant and Lung showed up ready to assist in the best way he can. After an incident caused him to beat up some of the customers who later trashed the place, Lung was without work. He got another job working as a waiter where a lady he met on his way to the city was being harassed he showed off his Kung Fu again. Then later when his friend was being harassed, he showed off his willingness to attack the attacker, and got them fired.

Now they got another job as ushers/waiters at a wedding and one of the waitresses there was going to be kidnapped and now Lung must be the hero and save the girl.

In the end, the movie was just a waste of time and I really think they overplayed the idea of this being a comedy.


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