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Top 25 Comic Book Heroes

Please leave a comment to tell me if i missed any of your heroes

Top 25 Comic Book Heroes

Will love to hear what you have to say, this below is my top 25 comic book heroes.

# 25

Iron Man

This hero, puts science level on level with superpowers the things he can do with technology is astounding. Tony Stark created this suit to help him survive after an accident almost killed him, and now with the hulk buster being shredded as the times go by he is learning that science is subject to freaks like Hulk.

# 24

Mr Fantastic

Reed Richards, Mr Fantastic himself, is here at number 24 and he has what I call strength in the world of intellect, he is the other half of his better half Sue invisible woman, and is undoubtedly the smartest man in Marvel universe. With the death of Johnny Storm, we can’t wait to see the direction he will lead the Fantastic Four.

# 23


What a monstrosity, this comic character originated from hell and is one of the good guys…??? He battles the side of things our other heroes can’t seem to understand. Hellboy is the only character that I know that can smoke cigars all his life and still not get cancer. He has been doing it for 2 decades now and no complains. For this hero it always seems that there is one more demonic monster waiting to be sent back to hell.

# 22

John Constantine

Any demon hell has to throw at the DCU, this guy is ready to hit it right back. This guy smokes and drinks like his life depends on it. He crosses realms and really makes life hard for the dark side. The hellblazer always have few friends cause this character dosen’t know how to keep his friends alive long enough.

# 21

The Thing

Hey what time is it?
Its clobbering time!!!
The loner from fantastic four has always had a spot in our hearts. Looking like a pile of rocks and yet still have a heart of gold, ladies and gentlemen it’s The Thing.

# 20


The Mercenary with a mouth, this guy cracks me up every time, he makes comic book worth reading if he is in it. He knows he is a comic book character and he knows you are enjoying his wise cracks and he doesn’t care. I love you men


The Punisher

Frank Castle, he ain’t no hero he goes about killing bad guys because he lost his family to them. So he decides to revenge by killing every last one of them. Frank Castle is the hero that kills his villains and he just seems too good and happy doing it, I think he needs help.

# 18


He was supposed to catch on but I guess we never really got a full dose of this guy. This card throwing trickster is fun to watch and read, charging things and blowing them up, he reminds you of Achmed the dead terrorist.

# 17

The Crow

A man who is killed by a gang and is resurrected by a crow. A lovely underground comic series with a three movie franchise and a lovely story.

# 16

Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde, the teen phasing genius, Marvel has tried numerous times to introduce teens into the X-Men, no teen they have introduced catches my attention like her. She has made marvelous contributions to fights she has been involved in and I enjoyed her brief love history with Colossus.

# 15


Selina Kyle, wow!!! Michelle Pfeiffer, this lady has gained the rep, of the woman to get into the bats heart and head. Hmm!!! After she went all bad and handles only the crumbs of crimes left behind by the master minds, she directed herself to being good and protect some part of Gotham and give the Bat a break.
Always looking good in her costume and forever a cool lady. Meow!!!

# 14

Captain America

Marvels Blue boy (I mean Marvels Superman), Captain America is the Marvel Universe every hero looks up to. He is a mentor, to almost every hero in the Marvel universe, because he is true and blue, honest and a World War 2 veteran that kicked Hitler and his goons butt. Won’t say much about this guy he is just a wonderful leader, looking forward to the movie.


Dare Devil

The only hero I never want to be, blind but alert as hell. Although the movie representation of this Marvel dark knight, is sad and poor this guy faces badass villains like Kingpin, Bulls eye and much more and still has time to be depressed.
The man with no fear is always on the prowl, villains be very careful.

# 12


What day is after Wednesday, anyone????
Its Thors-day, With a masterful movie and an earthly heroic background, this god of thunder with his hammer, is an Asgardian warrior that came to Midgard (earth) and as succeeded to be one of Midgards finest. My favorite time, with this hero is when he and Hulk go at it.

# 11

Wonder Woman

She is the female icon of DC universe, and a member of the DCU trinity (Superman, Batman and Her). Diana is meant to bring feminism and win the hearts of female readers, but she has managed to surpass that, we hardly see her on her own but when we see her with the other members of the trio, we see the impact she has. She has many gadgets from her homeland of Themyscira and her favorite is the Lasso of Truth, a rope that demands the truth of whomever it captures. Diana is an Amazon princess raised as a warrior but chooses to serve as an ambassador between Earth and her homeland. She is the idea of when female rise to rule all…

# 10

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Hal Jordan, no human represents the ring better than no fear Hal Jordan, who died and since no better replacement was around in DCU (sorry, fans of John) he has been resurrected again. I love this character he is by far better than John and has seen darker and cruel times. I look forward to the movie of this hero because he is just one of a kind.

# 9


I never got Watchmen, but I loved this guy. Question is he good or bad? Or is it all up in his mind?

# 8

The Sandman

Morpheus the Lord of dreams, this character’s story is based on others. His comics all 75 of them are so impressive starting somewhat dark in the beginning and lighter as the time goes by

# 7

Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson, you all know him even if you don’t recognize his name, this is Boy wonder the first Robin and one of the only heroes to transcend for such a long time. He has moved from Boy wonder, to Nightwing to Batman. He has had many relationships in DCU, and he is still cool like that. The first and the best side kick the Bat ever had, Dick has found away to make sure he stays on the tongue of all DCU lovers. He is even seen in Batman Beyond with Terry.

# 6

Flash (Wally West)

Flash Wally West, Yeap!!! Barry Allen was the first but this guy crowns it all, he is not even the second flash. Wally has grown in the DCU starting as Kid Flash and growing to represent the speedster of DCU as Flash, he has numerous fans and has been in various DCU groups like Teen Titans, New Teen Titans and the Justice League. He ranks as one of DCU greatest heroes and should not be messed with he will run you down.

# 5


Mr. Claws himself, He goes where wants to go. This hero has transcended from time to time this immortal being has had numerous fights, women and losses that makes him a loner of the first order. The way he stabs the bad guys and jumps on them is just something to watch. He is one of Marvels most interesting characters and we have seen in the movies and tv shows and animations, and that is because…, he is a must watch.

# 4

The Hulk

Hulk smash…I love this guy a scientist gets hit by gamma rays and now every time Bruce Banner gets angry, the hulk is born, or reborn if you prefer.
Banner is always on the run, and as he goes we witness the Dr. Jekyll and Hyde transformation. He is an all round good guy protecting the innocent if though he is always miss understood.

# 3


Our Boyscout is number 3 the only reason he is not number 1 is because of biff, seriously yes this guy is the most influential hero, he set the pace in which other heroes from Marvel, DC, Vertigo or anywhere follow. And as an alien he really loves, loves us. But this guy is just dense, he goes around with his big chest and thinks he can chest everything; sorry boy, everyone has Kryptonite guns, lasers, you name it.
Enough said the S signifies justice, which is what our Boy blue represents and except you wanna lie you did tie your blanket round your neck when you were young and wished you were Superman.

# 2


It’s our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Peter Parker is a unique hero that makes you feel like he understands you. He goes through girl problem, money problem and guilt issues. Getting his power from being beaten by a radioactive spider, his biggest regret has been his driving force. ‘With great power comes great responsibility’, was said to him by his Uncle Ben who died as a result of his selfishness.
Spiderman is the only hero that can make the end of the world sound like a walk in the park, with his wise cracks and jokes he always seems to make big situations look small. This hero has survived through time but still he is kept perfect for us to enjoy.

# 1


Any guy that can take on Darkside, always prepared to end Superman if he goes bonkers and has survived Joker and is human, that guy needs to be respected. A little nuts but human all the same, this guy is Sherlock Holmes, Jackie Chan, Richie Rich and Madness all rolled into one.
When a lot of rich kids lose their parents, some end up being spoilt others very principled, some lose it all, to greedy relatives or wide living, only one ‘Bruce Wayne’ decides to get shot at daily while wearing a mask and go jumping around with the aid of his faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth. This guy will take on anybody in any universe and surprisingly win. The only reason Joker hasn’t ended this guy is just the fact that they are much alike than they are different.


  1. Oshiole G. IMOESI-ALIUJune 10, 2011 at 4:52 PM

    Interesting list! However, Deadpool, good guy?!! Didn't see that coming. I agree with the top two especially since Spidey is my favourite Marvel character and DEF Batsy's my favourite DC character. Infact, I do have a dilemma as to who is my favourite especially since Batsy's too cool especially for a character without super powers.

    Who's Roxeanne (Rorschach)? Sandman? And what's Dick doing on this list? I really need to go back to my comic history.

    Nice one!!!

  2. lmao, roxeanne...
    Rorschach is a character from the watchmen comics, have u seen the movie, watchmen?
    also Sandman is the Lord of dreams another vertigo character. the comic is fun

    and Dick, why not Nightwing, now one of the Bats haba it would be sad if he aint on it

  3. and Deadpool is a cross in between

  4. Oshiole G. IMOESI-ALIUJune 10, 2011 at 5:46 PM

    Yeah, Deadpool is a mouth. Infact, his mouth should be his greatest weapon!!!

  5. Nice countdown. So what's your beef with the Superman again? Oh lemme guess, are you racist? Just cause he's not part of the human race doesn't mean we should not give him the props he deserves.

  6. Nice countdown. So what's your beef with the Superman again? Oh lemme guess, are you racist? Just cause he's not part of the human race doesn't mean we should not give him the props he deserves.

  7. Gannzter, i probably am...he does deserve all the props but bats is still my favorite

  8. There is nothing wrong with Superman Bro. we both know it.. yes he goes about with his pant on his leggings, but he still saves the world..
    He's been trapped in kryptonite cages, shot with a kryptonite bullet, but his still standing..
    did i mention he's been blind once? He'll defeat Batty anytime.
    (Only weakness of superboy is Louis Lane! RME) mmmssscchheewwww!!!

  9. You are right there is nothing wrong wit the Sup, but i feel the bat is better, and No, i believe Batty will end him.