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A Life Less Ordinary (1997)

A Life Less Ordinary (1997)


Ewan McGregor
Cameron Diaz
Holly hunter
Delroy Lindo

Directed by Danny Boyle

Do you want to see a movie go to shit in the last moment?
Are you dying to watch a movie grow on you and in the last minute everything gets taken from you?
Then you do not have to look far than this movie I enjoy seeing, but try my best to skip the ending. Everything would have been perfect if the writers just thought it through for a second, how can a hole in the heart be the one thing missing from this movie?

The movie was not well received when it was released and you can understand why, the plot is flimsy, the actors seem overly invested and the ending of this movie is rotten. Yet for me, I get to watch this movie often, because sometimes just some plain love story can be heartwarming.

The movie plot is about two people Robert (Ewan McGregor) and Celine (Cameron Diaz). In heaven there is a department whose job is make sure two people who are destined for each other get to be together. Problem is with the growing trend of divorce and splitting up the department success rate is dwindling (and God, I guess is coming down hard on them).
Two angels O'Reilly (Holly Hunter) and Jackson (Delroy Lindo) were assigned to our two leads and we soon get to meet them. Robert is a janitor in a company and was fired to be replaced by a machine. Celine is the daughter of the millionaire that owns that company and she is bored and going through boyfriends like clothes because she is unable to find the perfect fit.

Robert fed up with being treated like crap and being overlooked, decided to break back into the office during working hours and demand his job back from Celine’s dad. On that faithful day Celine was in the office and she is also having a word with her father concerning settling down and stating a family.
Robert breaks into the father and daughter conversation to start shouting and before he could get a sentence in, the security jumps him.

He managed to get a hold of one of their guns when Celine seeing the gun on the floor close to her, kicks it to Robert. He gets up and takes her hostage.
Since this was not his initial plan, he didn’t know what to do and Celine who just wanted to be away from her father assisted him in getting herself kidnapped.

The two now must find a way to get money from her father, while being chased by two angels masquerading as hired guns sent by her father to kill Robert and retrieve Celine. The angels on the other hand were hoping to use the present conflict to bring the two together.

Like I have addressed the movie’s tale has me hooked to seeing how things were going to unfold between these two parties. But in the end when all the writers had to do was find a way for the couple to get away with their lives, we had to see a love miracle. The miracle was delivered in such a mess and meant absolutely nothing, that can make you hate everything that led to it.


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