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Replicas (2018)

Replicas (2018)


Keanu Reeves
Alice Eve

Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff

Have you seen the science fiction movie called Replicas? If you have not, please save yourself the pain.

The movie stars Keanu Reeves and it is not enticing and the tale is very sad. Not dramatic sad, but boring sad. You can hear as the time ticks away as you waste your life of over one hour watching this movie. You cannot fall asleep because you are angry, you cannot throw anything at the screen because you cannot afford the damage, you just sit and wonder. You task yourself, “come on, how bad can it get from now on?” Then it gets to the climax and you see that it still has more horrid writing ahead.

This movie is about mind transfer. The acting in this movie is done by people who actually did this for the money and could not be bothered to be made to care whether people will mind that they too do not feel this movie will amount to anything in the end.
Even Keanu Reeves was not in his “A” game in this movie, or maybe the problem is the wrong people were cast in this movie.

Well, the movie plot is about a scientist genius of a man played by Keanu Reeves. He is married with three kids and his job is to figure out how to transfer the consciousness of someone from their recently dead body into a machine.

The first successful trial which resulted in a form of speech was much of a disaster and that is what we get to see as they have been at this for a long time.

The moral side of this trials start to plague or lead’s wife and she ask him to be careful. One unfortunate night he and his family were involved in an accident, where only him survived.
He called his colleague from work to come over with the body creation they wanted to use for their trials and he did the miracle. He transferred the consciousness of his wife and two of his kids into the bodies.

It was a miracle, the incentive that he will get to have his family again was all that he needed to make the experiment work this time. The only issue was that they only had bodies for three, so he had to do something drastic.

He edited the memory of his new family to exclude the crash and the existence of his last born. He went further to remove traces of her existence from the home. He placed his family to bed and in the morning they got moving about like nothing happened.

This success was monitored by the company he worked for without his knowledge and now they want in on his success and he doesn't want to share.

That is what this total crap of a movie is all about, do not bother enduring or looking for a reason to see it.


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