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Polar (2019)

Polar (2019)


Mads Mikkelsen
Vanessa Hudgens
Katheryn Winnick
Matt Lucas

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund

Polar is not your regular action movie, it is intense, dramatic and has an amazing thrilling ending that just leaves the door open to possible sequels.
I have not had the opportunity of reading the Dark Horse Comic this movie character is based on, but I can tell you this movie is a John Wick and Taken addition with some more blood and nudity.
I guess Netflix wanted their own antihero star to which they have control since Disney is yanking off our heroes from the Defender Marvel comic group from Netflix.

What makes this movie different from John Wick?
This time our hero is not retired yet, John Wick was given an impossible task to get his retirement and be happy, here our hero has reached the age of retirement.
The company he works for retires their assassins at the age of 50. Problem is, these assassins have a pension program with their company. When the time comes from them to pay, they take you out. This has not always been the case from what you will gather from the film, but I guess new management comes with its own price.

Our assassin of focus here is named Duncan Vizla/Black Kaiser played by Mads Mikkelsen. He has reached the age of 50 and he is the best the company has to offer. He has racked up kills so much that he has a huge pension plan of over eight million dollars. The company decided it is time to take him out, problem is they didn’t plan it well the first time ticking him off that something as such was being set in place for him.
Their first attempt was ruined by some bad assumptions. They sent him to kill a guy, but the guy was paid to kill him. Problem is, he was supposed to call in when he sees the guy and he is ready to take the kill. He just went ahead and killed the mark and called in later.
By doing so he saw his file on the mark and knew something was up.

That is how the whole cat and mouse began. We see betrayal, we see setups not going as planned and he just being a force to reckon with. Many times the company head (Matt Lucas) had the chance to give up the chase, but he had to make money for the board to cover up his expenses and his greed got the best of him.

Mads Mikkelsen was way ahead in his acting skills in this movie and you will love his portrayal of the character. Even the cast were all in this movie for the long haul, as they gave performances that will make you just quake for more.

The movie did leave many loose ends open for a second part and I can’t wait for those loose ends to be tied up.

Plagued with some amazing kills, some great counter strikes that will make you twitch. Get ready to have a time of your life while begging for a new Polar to be done in 2020.


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