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Mortal Engines (2018)

Mortal Engines (2018)


Hera Hilmar
Robert Sheehan
Hugo Weaving

Directed by Christian Rivers

I will take my time to say why this movie is so out of touch with itself that it surprises me that it has any good reviews.
Mortal Engines is more focused on what it is trying to do and so much tuned to impressing the film makers than we the viewers.

Does the movie have an aim?
Well to the makers it does, to me who knows nothing about the tale to which it was adapted from and curious to see a Peter Jackson film I was unimpressed. I had no idea what the movie was trying to do. The whole genre crossing was so blandly put together that if you are not careful you will doze off. Even though the actors were so engrossed in delivering, the movie failed highly on delivering the one thing every movie has to do, entertain.

My biggest turn off in the movie is that in the first twenty-five minutes many things happened. It felt at that point like Premature Ejaculation of Ideas. Then you are given more than twenty-five minutes before anything again happens. The movie just went on about things that did not matter., spring up characters here and there, and its flow so just not worth the time invested to keep up.

Now the plot, the movie is about a girl (named Elizabeth) who has a scar across her face. She got the scar when she was an eight-year-old child.
Also, the movie is about a man named Valentine who has a diabolical vision for the future. A future where he had the power to take down any city that opposes him.
What joins the girl with the man, is her mother. The mother was murdered by Valentine and Elizabeth was scared by him also.
All of this is happening n a post-apocalyptic future. In this future cities move on wheels. The reason that this is the way the future is, is not in anyway mentioned in the movie.
What happens is, big cities overcome smaller cities for fuel and manpower.

Fair warning, do not allow yourself get confused about the place of the Valentine’s daughter in this movie, she has no place. She is used to introduce the historian named Thomas who is fond of collecting dangerous items which can be tied to what destroys the earth.
She was the person who saved Valentine when Elizabeth tried to murder him, and he chased her and failed to apprehend her. His failure and knowing more than he should got him tossed off the moving city and into the helping hands of the person he tried to apprehend, Elizabeth.

Now, Elizabeth is not done having her revenge, and Thomas just wants to get back to the city life, while Valentine returns to his obsession, collecting old weapon items to create a weapon strong enough to wipe out an entire city.

In the end the movie was just a miss in everything. I do not have fond memories of seeing this movie, the only thing I know 100% is that, it is hard to believe that anyone liked this movie.


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