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6 Underground (2019)

6 Underground (2019)


Ryan Reynolds
Mélanie Laurent
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo
Adria Arjona

Directed by Michael Bay

6 Underground is an action movie for the action movie junkies. It very average in its delivery and watching it makes you ask yourself if you would give this a 5 or a 6 out of 10. The whole thing is an explosion fest with a story to follow. The movie starts a little bit claustrophobic, then develops to what seems like Michael Bay wanting to set a record for the longest car chase in movie history. That chase my friends lasted over nineteen minutes, and not a very successful one at the end to say the least.

The movie on its own ends in such a way that they can continue to make more of this 6 Underground. The problem is that the story and the way the movie played out, there only way this can work is if it is on something like Netflix. If this was done to be watched in the cinema with this huge budget it will be a huge 50/50 gamble.
That said, this movie has its own billionaire (Ryan Reynolds) like Batman or Ironman, the only difference is this one is more realistic in the way he wants to get things done. The movie is not realistic in the way things actually get done. Hey, it is a movie and the good guys are always lucky not to be hit by stray bullets and to always get things to work or be at the right place at the right time.

Here is the movie in a glance, a rich billionaire witness the horrors of the world firsthand and decided to do something about it. He uses money to disappear and remain in the shadows then he uses his resources to recruit a team, a team of five, two females and three men. The six of them stage their death and cut all ties with the outside world and they begin their mission.
This movie is their first mission which was to bring down the leader of Turgistan, a dictator who has turned his own country on itself.
He decided to start this mission by taking down the presidents loyal generals before going for him.

The whole dynamic in the group gets tested many times and they find themselves having to reinvent the rules and change things to get by. The whole purpose of their mission is to stage the best coup which will see them topple the present dictator and replace him with a more reasonable leader, his brother.

The movie is fun to watch, but other than that it is not in any contention to be one of the best Michael Bay has done. Or even when listing average decent action movies this will certainly not come to mind.


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