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Jexi (2019)

Jexi (2019)


Adam DeVine
Alexandra Shipp
Michael Pena
Rose Byrne (as the voice of Jexi)

Directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore

Jexi is a movie that starts weak gets rolling and delivers some good laughs then gets weirdly irritating.
The movie is relatable to what happens today, we let our phones have passwords and access to our personal files and life. Nobody ever reads the terms and conditions to know how much access and how much of our personal lives we are giving up to the likes of Facebook, Google and phones.

Jexi explores that loop hole and makes a movie out of it, problem is the movie is not worth all the time I spent seeing it. I do not feel Adam DeVine has enough star power to carry a movie as a lead. To make it worse this movie does not give out enough juice to make you think it is worth spending money to see.

The movie plot first starts up like a comical version of the amazing Joaquin Phoenix movie in 2013, Her. Pretty soon you will notice the diversion in the two as our lead here Phil (Adam DeVine) is living in the current times and is hooked on his phone. He rather spend time with his phone than with anyone else.

One day he met the beautiful Cate and on such a day his phone got damaged. He had to go get another phone and that is when he met Jexi. He agreed to the terms and conditions without reading them and allowed Jexi have access to everything that concerns him. This phone’s AI is what Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa would wish they can be. As the phone takes making your life better literally.

She made Phil go out with his colleagues and play kickball, which in turn helped him to make new friends, the phone also helped him get the girl. The phone assisted in keeping him caged from his foolish behavior or thoughts on what he should not do and also cued him in on what he should do.
After he was able to get the girl, Cate wanted him to go out with him and leave the phone behind. Jexi did not like this and became jealous of Cate.

Her jealous tantrum is memorable and very funny. It was her actions that were just weird and irritating. Imagine what you phone can do if it can do anything, all the personal pictures you have taken or sites you have visited, imagine how much of this info you will like to keep to yourself.

In the end the movie just could not keep up with the expected entertainment it delivered at its high. It just went down hill after the phone became jealous giving us scenes after scenes that failed to ignite a spark, but instead just irritated me.


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