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Spies in Disguise (2019)

Spies in Disguise (2019)


Starring the voices of
Will Smith
Tom Holland
Rashida Jones
Ben Mendelsohn

Directed by Troy Quane and Nick Bruno

Spies in Disguise is one movie I hope many take the time to go see. The movie is fast paced with terrific voice casting and funny to the bone. I like the simplicity in the production of this animation and the lack of need to try and make the animation realistic. It was like the animation knew what it had to deliver and made sure it performed that act to the best of its ability.

Without the over the top CGI, here is what the movie’s plot is about.
A secret agent named Lance (Will Smith) is known to be the world's most awesome spy, like James Bond, but black and cool. He is known for always wanting to go it alone and do things his own way.
On the other side of the spectrum is Walter (Tom Holland), a socially challenged scientific genius who wants to make the world a better place without hurting anyone.
During an incident which resulted in Lance confronting Walter, Lance accidentally drank something which was not meant for consumption which then transformed him into a pigeon. To make it worse, Lance is being hunted by his agency for betrayal.
While he is trying to clear his name he must hunt down the person behind his name being dragged in the mud, a cybernetic terrorist. And he needs Walter to come up with an antidote for his pigeon form so he can be human again.

The production of this animation was wrapped up before the Disney acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Making this animation the first Blue Sky Studios release under their new parent company Walt Disney. I do not think Disney tried to pump much marketing funds into this movie after the acquisition, but I do hope word of mouth will move many to go see this family friendly gem. You can bet Disney has much of their marketing power behind their Star Wars franchise to wrap up the Skywalker Saga.

The movie is having a hard start in the box office because it is being overshadowed this 2019 by another Disney movie released to take advantage of the festive season – Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker. To add more challenge Frozen 2 (2019) another animation and a huge children favorite released also by Disney, is also in the mix for capturing children’s interest and will take money off this movie. That said this movie is up against an onslaught of money grabbers, and will not be a huge money maker, but I do not think Disney cares much about that.

The way the animation ended, opens the door for many possibilities when it comes to sequels, it is left to see if Disney will explore such.

Spies in Disguise is a fun family friendly movie that anyone can go see on their own or with their family. Children will love it and parents can be comfortable with the message the movie passes across.


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