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Despicable Me 3 (2017)

Despicable Me 3 (2017)


Starring the voice of
Steve Carell
Kristen Wiig
Trey Parker
Miranda Cosgrove
Steve Coogan

Directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Baida

Never thought I will get to a point where the Minions will start to become annoying… and I have not gotten there yet, meaning I will gladly sit through another Despicable Me movie.
Illumination Entertainment have created a forever enjoyable cast of characters that have grown to become part of the expected fun you get when you take your family to go see a movie.
The family of Gru is a perfect cup of coffee: Gru is the dark brew, his daughters the sugar in the mix and the minions are the cream on top.

From the last Despicable Me, we were introduced to a new character Lucy. Lucy’s part in the second movie was instrumental to the fun in the movie and the Minions kind of took second wheel to the kids. Here in this movie her presence is more of a distraction and not adding to the movie’s enjoyable tune.
She and Dru (Gru’s twin brother) were to this movie, a triangle instrument in an already completed orchestra. Their cling whether in or out of tune is forgettable when everyone else is playing their part so well. To add to that we have a villain who loves the 80s music scene, along with him is a nice musical score that has nodding every time I see him.

I found myself looking forward to seeing this villain than I did Lucy and Dru and to my pleasure the movie starts on his turf. We see our “bad guy” steal the biggest diamond in the world and he didn’t just go about to steal the diamond, no sir! He did it in style.
Dancing, chewing gum and a hairstyle that was all 80s this dude was off the hook in this steal.
On his tail was Gru and Lucy who are members of the anti-villain league and our “bad guy” Balthazar Bratt to my delight got away with the diamond.

So as not to let everything out of the bag let me skip forward a bit, Gru gets a visit from a lawyer telling him that he has a twin brother Dru, who wants to meet him.
After drilling his mother to discover the truth of his brother’s existence he packs the family to go see his brother. The Minions by this time have left Gru as they miss the good old days when they were the bad guys not the ones chasing down the bad guys.

Upon meeting his brother Gru discovers that his brother was his opposite in character and their father was a world class criminal. Dru is a disappointment to their now late father as he wants to be a villain, but he is too scared to get it done.
Gru and Dru’s father left behind a huge estate in the care of Dru and Gru decided to use this new access to seek revenge on Bratt and steal back the diamond.

The animation is colorful and there are enough silly scenes in the movie to get you laughing. This 3D animation is the forth in the Despicable Me film franchise and Illumination Entertainment eight animation.
it will be followed in 2020 by Minions 2 and expect to see a Despicable Me 4 because this movie is doing very well in the box office.


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