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Enola Holmes (2020)

Enola Holmes (2020)





Millie Bobby Brown

Sam Claflin

Henry Cavill

Helena Bonham Carter


Directed by Harry Bradbeer


I have to be honest if this was meant to set off a franchise, I hope they get better in the first act, because here the intro to what is about to happen is not just boring – it is terrible. Getting over the first twenty minutes of this movie was a task which took me three tries, but the moment I got over it, a fun ride laid ahead. Millie Bobby Brown (Enola) owned this movie more than anyone else and gave a performance fitting to be recognized as world class. The strict insensitive Mycroft was very annoying and off putting, but the soft Sherlock was welcoming.

When you think of the acting of the others in the movie in comparison to that of Brown, if she is a 10/10, they are 5/10. Enola Holmes is a nice thought experiment of how a lady would have been growing up with Sherlock and Mycroft’s gene in her. Do note the original Sherlock books by Arthur Conan Doyle only spoke of Sherlock having one sibling, Mycroft.

This movies fictious spin to a fictitious detective tale, is based on a book series by writer Nancy Springer. This movie is an adaptation of the first book in the series The Case of the Missing Marquess.

After the introduction of Enola, we discover that her mother has left home. Enola believes she is missing, but upon the arrival of her brothers Sherlock deduces that she has actually left of her own free will. She left Enola in Mycroft’s care who wanted nothing to do with the young lady and wanted to send her off to finishing school as soon as he could. Sherlock on the other hand, feels sorry for his sister, but was not willing to do anything about it.

Set during the Women's suffrage movement in the United Kingdom in the early 1900s. Enola was hell bent on finding her mother, she runs away from home after following the clues her mother left her, and also money.

Her running away from home had her running into a young man, an heir who is also running away from home. She tried to avoid him, but when his life was in danger she jumped in and saved him. Now both are on the run for two different reasons, which as the movie progresses mergers. Sherlock is on her tail at every move and it is fun to see Enola display the same kind of ingenuity and smart just like her elder brother Sherlock.

If there is a sequel, I will be watching although the movie is nice to see it is blasphemous to comparing this to the BBC’s Sherlock. You can catch this movie on Netflix.


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