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Unhinged (2020)

Unhinged (2020)



Russell Crowe

Caren Pistorius

Gabriel Bateman

Directed by Derrick Borte

Unhinged is one movie that will have your attention from the start it is not the best thrilling insane psycho movie out there, but it had me glued. My main criticism is the way the movie fell down the same rabbit hole such movies seem to want to follow. The movie was one directional and the psycho was too focused on ruin the life of a complete stranger. The movie leaves us with a lot of guessing on many questions left hanging, but it does not matter to the main plot.

Another cliché thing was when the victim Rachel (Caren Pistorius) gets this strength to want to fight her attacker and talk back, something I do not think is reasonable although it is very possible. I have seen a white man go to a crowded place where there are black guys and use the n-word and gets himself knocked out. So, people having courage to spit out trash when there should not is possible.

As far as acting goes and characterization, the character Man (Russell Crowe) was played very well, what else would you expect from an Academy Award wining actor. The character did not have much dimensions about him, so it was nice to see how Crowe gave it life. Now Rachel and everyone else except her son, seem to be on a lower level.

The movie starts with the man character siting in a car outside a house. After he had psyched himself up, he goes at the door with a hammer, when the occupants came at him he kills them and burns down the house.

We soon discover the residence were his ex-wife and her new partner. Rachel’s day did not start rosy. She was late for an appointment and her ex-husband was coming after everything she got, plus she lost her job. On her way to taking her son to school, she impatiently drove pass the man character who was not paying attention to the traffic light. He later drove up to her and politely apologized and asked her to apologise back for the way she behaved. She did not apologise and spoke to the man rudely stating she is having a bad day – the man character decided and told her, that he will show her what a real bad day is.

He tailed her, and before we know it, he starts to kill those close to her after getting info from her phone which he stole. And even though she has called the cops, it was obvious this man was not going to stop until he kills everyone close to her.

The movie hits the spot for excitement, nothing more. It is not a potential award winner and there are many places you can pull strings from it. Nonetheless, it is still a good movie to see.


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