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Faith Based (2020)

Faith Based (2020)





Luke Barnett

Tanner Thomason

Lance Reddick


Directed by Vincent Masciale


Let me get this controversy the movie is addressing out of the way before we dive into the review. The movie address faith based movies as cheap money making schemes, playing on the sentiments of religious people Who will drop money to go watch badly made movies because it is about God. Well, for me no money is a waste if you enjoyed the movie in the end.

My major critic of this movie is that it feels more like the movie is parodying itself. This movie is a low bar B-movie which does not try to impress. The movie is the brainchild of Luke Barnett who writes and stars in this movie, which this like his fourth B-movie which like the others are just silly.

This silly movie, for me did not do enough to impress and it will be a miracle if you get to see it on TV and watch it through to the end. I came across the movie while doing a search for what to see during the weekend. The idea of a mockumentary about making a movie for money felt nice, ended up not being so nice. The acting in this movie is just for the coasting, nothing special to jump at you. The casting is just the same.

The movie is not one of those I will faithfully ask anyone to see, if there is anything else on – see that instead. For me I found it hard to stop watching because I was just curious on how they were going to make this movie happen. In the end, as you would expect from movies as these they did, so do not expect any surprise in that area.

The movie is about two friends who grew up watching movies, playing video games and not amounting to much in their adult life. These two Luke and Tanner, came across the information that faith—based movies make a lot of money. This information was gathered when Luke was having dinner at his parents’ home.  It is there we learn that Luke is adopted and a form of disappointment to his father.

Luke believing in his ability to make the movie, called his friend and gathered as much freebies and unknown actors or people who have never acted to make this movie. He already contacted a film company who has agreed to pay them for the movie, if and only if they produce and finance the movie themselves.

Luke put all he had to get his father (who is a pastor) to invest a little in the movie and with some luck he and his friend were able to get going. The whole movie is about their struggles along the way of making this film.

So, the movie is just there – no moment jumps at you as you watch. Nothing spectacular happens and if you are familiar with movies at all, you can pretty much guess your way through it.


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