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In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)

 In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)





Boyd Holbrook

Cleopatra Coleman

Michael C. Hall


Directed by Jim Mickle


In the shadow of the moon is one of those movies that delivers the needed suspense in the form of a crime thriller encapsulated with sci-fi. The acting in the movie is good enough to have you glued and the writing is well crafted to have you invested on the pending outcome of how everything will connect. Nothing much to expect when it comes to visual effects because the movie did not need it, but a good ending to a wonderful trip is what the movie needed and lacked.

The writers gave us a less than okay ending to a chase between an officer and a murderer between the years of 1988 and 2015. Even though the discovery of what was happening and why was enlightening, it felt like justice was not done to a perfectly scripted movie from the start. The way the officer (or former officer) was able to connect everything may have been a nice way to end the movie for the director and writers, but allowing him to discover it on his own would have been better.

He was a detective chasing a killer to know why this person was coming back every nine years to kill, and in the end the reason was just handed to him – instead of him actually doing some detecting and discovering it.

The movie plot starts by dropping a few clues which you will need to pick up as the movie develops. We meet an officer named Thomas and his partner, Maddox as they are investigating a series of deaths which occurred in their area. Thomas was able to discover some three puncture wounds on the back of one of the victims and that helped the detectives (which one was his brother in-law) to link them together via the wounds.

Soon they were able to track one victim which is yet to die from the puncture. Thomas and Maddox were lucky to run into the killer via the description from the then living victim. After an unfortunate chase, they case was closed and it was believed that the killer was stopped. Only for nine-years later, the killing started again. The police believe it was a copycat, but Thomas (now a detective) was sure it was the same person. He tracked the killer down, which led to a series of events leading to the killer escaping.

Thomas soon discovers a pattern and the chase consumed his life. He soon lost his job and contact with people close to him because of the obsession to stop the killings from happening again, even though everyone told him to let it go.

I like the movie, liked the setting and the idea. It is a movie which you will enjoy when you get to see it, you should be able to catch it on Netflix.


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