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Over the Moon (2020)

Over the Moon (2020)


Starring the voices of:

Cathy Ang

Phillipa Soo

Ken Jeong

John Cho

Directed by Glen Keane and John Kahrs

This is one of the must forgettable animation I have seen in a while. I think this movie would have been best served as a short. Everything seemed dragged by unneeded songs and worse still none of the music were catchy, fun or cool to listen too. That said the animation is watchable, but not classy enough to be rated high like the ones you would expect from Disney and the likes.

The plot is missing many things, especially depths in the eureka moments and everything that added up to make up the script was not it at all. You can let go of the fact that this is a fantasy animation where a young girl built a rocket by using mostly household tools, household items and things she could order from like Amazon. You can also let go of the delay tactics to which the animation explored by packing in songs not well written for children (or adult alike) to catch on, but you cannot let go of the way everything played out so cliché and silly.

Over the Moon is a computer animated fantasy, adventure comedy-drama produced by Netflix. The movie’s script is based on the Chinese goddess Change’e. It takes one of the myths told about her and builds on it.

The story starts with a young family of father, mother and daughter. The young girl Fei Fei has deep love for her mother and loves her stories about the goddess Chang’e. One of the stories she loves best is the one of Chang’es undying love for a man she lost. According to the stories she has not given up hope in finding her one true love again.

Well, Fei Fei’s world got a big shock when she lost her mother and after time has passed her father is now moving on. He has developed a relationship with a beautiful and nice lady who has one of the cutest and nicest son named Chin. Fei Fei on the other hand does not want her father to marry this woman, she believes he should not feel alone as long as she (Fei Fei) is around.

So in order to prove to her father that his love for her mother should never die, Fei Fei decided to fly to the moon to meet the goddess and get a picture of her to prove to her father that she is still alive holding on to the love she has lost.

The flight to the moon is where the movie really kicks off, as she makes the rocket and takes off to the moon with Chin who sneaked into the rocket without her knowing. They made it to the moon thanks to some help and we get to see her on her quest.

In the end, here is an animation you can leave your children to watch while you do something better with your time.


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