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The Lie (2018)

The Lie (2018)



Mireille Enos

Peter Sarsgaard

Joey King

Directed by Veena Sud

The Lie is a movie that is filled with so much mistakes by the parents trying to cover up their child’s suspected murder and by the writer plus director.

I have not seen the movie this is trying to remake, but I hope it is better shaped. The movie takes this whole thrilling suspense thing to a level that became very tiring. I felt at one point the movie was going on for a bit too long, and there is no way a couple can bond over the idea of their daughter committing murder the way they did in this movie.

The direction to which the movie was going is set from the start as the suspected murder happens right from the start. Now it is from here that the movie I give it recognizance has me hooked and my curiosity on alert. But when you get to the end of the movie and you see the twist it does not make up for all that have happened. The twist made me dislike the movie as a whole because it made everything that had happened seem so worthless, stupid and questionable.

Why would you killing someone (Kayla’s friend Brittany) and your parents lying to the police and you helping to point the finger at the Brittany’s father was going to play out well in the end? Do note, Kayla claimed that the murder was because boys liked Brittany more than her and her father was looking at her, which in the end did not matter to anything.

Here is how it happened, Kayla is the daughter of a musician and a lawyer. The fifteen year-old Kayla’s parent (Rebecca and Jay) are divorced. We do not get a full dose of why, but we can see that they do not get along. Well Kayla was on her way to a camp with her dad driving, and on their way they stopped and picked Brittany. There was a stop when the girls ran into the woods by a river and a loud scream led to Jay running to see what had happened. Kayla told Jay she had pushed her friend into the freezing river. Jay runs in to try and find her, but to no avail. They get into the car and hide, then drives off with the idea that her daughter has committed murder.

They go to Rebecca and she finds out what had happened, soon the parent with Rebecca start planing how they can get away with it. The police show up and this is where the ending of the movie and this point do not add up, Kayla played along with her parents to blame the father for Brittany’s disappearance.

The police are sure there is something wrong with these stories as evidence shows that the family is lying, the closer the police get the more desperate the couple become. Soon they do something so beyond normal that when the final twist comes, you wonder why this movie was so badly written.


Mega-Spoiler Alert

It turns out that Kayla and her friend faked her death so Brittany can runaway and be with her boyfriend.

I ask myself - Why go through all this, just to run away with your boyfriend? Why not just runaway and come back when you are done.

This is why I believe this movie was badly written.


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