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Fast Color (2019)

Fast Color (2019)




Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Lorraine Toussaint

Saniyya Sidney


Directed by Julia Hart


For a good film which this is, it is not well paced. The suspense is timid and the lack of physical conflict (expect the one where our lead, shoots the scientist in the hand), makes this movie a little too light. The bad pacing makes some moments in this movie a snooze fest.

So, what else do I find good about this movie? I guess that will be the acting and the idea. Gugu Mbatha-Raw was fantastic in this movie, I have to recognize that. Then the movie idea is very different and just explores the natural life of a lady struggling with her superpowers.

The writing in this movie wasted screen time on elongated scenes leading nowhere and it was side tracked by female empowerment themes. Here is a movie that tries to pass a message on female empowerment and their challenges, doing so by using much of the screen time with lines that can solve insomnia. I could have gotten the whole message of the female struggle in less time than the one the movie used.

The movie plot explores the life Ruth (Mbatha-Raw). Ruth is on the run and is being chased by an agency wanting to study her. In her plight she runs back to the place she was from – she runs back home. It was there we discover there is more to Ruth and that her powers are genetically linked. We meet Ruth’s daughter whom she left behind with her mother Bo, when she was finding it hard to control her powers. Hoping to get help from her mother in learning to control her powers Ruth conceal from her mother her whereabouts and how she got back home.

We see her try to mend things with her daughter and trying to get back her powers under control. All this while the agency is tracking her.

Maybe it is my male testosterone talking, but I was expecting a showdown in the end, with the ladies getting the upper hand and leaving everyone else behind. Instead the showdown looked like it was going to take place, but then it did not.

The movie would have done better if it was thirty minutes shorter and maybe with some one or two fights. The movie is directed and co-written by Julia Hart.

If you want to see a superhero film without all the extensive special effects and high intensity musical score, then Fast Color is the gig for you. I will advise though, do not watch this movie at night there is a chance when it gets to the dull moments you will sleep off.


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