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Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020)

Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020)




Sarah Gadon

Chris Redd

The Kid Mero

Method Man

Shea Whigham


Directed by Osmany Rodriguez


This review contains some spoilers

With a name like Vampires vs. the Bronx, you cannot be expected to take the movie seriously – and it is best that you do not. The best word to describe this film will be, anticlimax. The movie does a wonderful lay-up of things happening in the Bronx when a group of vampires decided to move there. Then it drops to a low of wasted opportunities and an unexpected silly outcome. The movie promises so much when it starts, then it fails to live up to its initial self-hype.

The movie setup is simple, vampires are using an estate agent to buy properties in the Bronx. This is done using a comedic format to deliver its plot. Then this vampires of centuries of reasoning had a monkey-wrench thrown in their plan by a young boy trying to save his neighborhood from the buyout.

The movie plot introduces us to the villains, which I have to say do not expect any masterclass performance from anyone in this film, except the cameo performance of Zoe Saldaña. These villains seem to have deep pockets or sort of based on their style of negotiating. They have been buying out all the buildings in the neighborhood and many other people in the same neighborhood have been going missing. A young boy named Jaden has a plan to unite the neighborhood. He was planning a block party and inviting everyone, hoping this will bring them all together and maybe stop many from selling out their homes and shops.

Things changed when he witnessed one of the thugs in the neighborhood being eaten by a vampire. He rallies his friends and they bound together to take down these supernatural beings.

The movie does not promise masterful special effects, and the plot is so carefully written to avoid the use of it. Then the children who happen to be taking on these vampires have some extra-ordinary skill, with one swing they can drive a stake into the chest of a vampire.

The movie in the end delves into the realm of annoyance, here is a vampire with many centuries of existence being taken down by a boy on a bicycle. This scene which takes place as one of the final takedowns lacks all common sense as the vampire was holding off at that present moment a whole block.

It will be hard to say to anyone, that this is a movie you should catch on Netflix, it has little to nothing to offer and you are best to find another means to entertain yourself.


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