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Bad Teacher (2011)

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Bad Teacher


Cameron Diaz
Justin Timberlake
Jason Segel

Directed by Jake Kasdan

Distributed by Columbia Pictures

I liked the band NSNYC, but Justin Timberlake can’t act and he should stop trying.
The first thing I will like to say about this movie is the name, “Bad Teacher” why? I won’t name a movie that unless if i was planning to make sure it doesn’t do well.

The plot plays Cameron Diaz as a “Bad Teacher” who only teaches because she wants the free time, she actually is also bad with living a life, as she is engaged to be married to a millionaire who dumps her when he finds out she is with him for his money (dah! She didn’t even know his birthday, she is the worse scammer out there and the millionaire is the dumbest man alive) on the event of the dumping she had quit at the school she was teaching, only to have to go back because she needs money to survive. The movie is a classic underachiever the chemistry between the actors is just a tragedy. In school Elizabeth (Diaz) plays movies in class daily while she sleeps off a hangover, she decided to get bigger breast and we see a slutty, educator emerge.

She has a nemesis Amy Squirrel, yes squirrel. The writers felt what the heck let’s just go all the way and use all the whack names we can think of.

The dry humping by Timberlake and Diaz was also as irritating as it sounds, it didn’t look good when they started and looked worse when they were done.

Director Jake Kasdan and screenwriters Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg (from The Office), mess around with a story that portrays a bunch of overgrown adults in who are meant to train young minds but are busy plotting revenge and chasing a dream of getting bigger breast and adding an irritating performance by Timberlake playing an embarrassingly infantile sub, Mr. Delacorte, to make it worse they made him sing in the movie.

Some part of the movie featured Christmas scenes where we get to see Cameron Diaz act like the Grinch, a bad one at it too. The dialogue in this movie is so incoherent with illogical scenes making you wonder if the director was actually happy making this movie about a woman (School teacher) who was ready to do anything to get a breast enlargement from being a slutty car washer, chasing a rich co-worker and also being a good teacher.


  1. all i can say is...this movie shd never have been released.complete waste of time, energy and angry i wasted my eyecells

  2. LOL...the worse part is the makers belive they have a movie