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Larry Crowne (2011)

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Larry Crowne


Tom Hanks
Julia Roberts

Directed by Tom Hanks

Distributed by Universal Pictures

Larry Crowne is a movie directed by Tom Hanks, co-written by Tom Hanks and Starring Tom Hanks. It is a feel good movie for those who love to smile and are smile deprived. Tom Hanks is a lovable character, and also made a rather lame lead role (Larry) lovable.

This will be Tom Hank’s second dab in directing and he co-wrote this with ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ writer Nia Vardalos, a film he also produced.

The movie shows how to manage your finances when you lose your job. First you don’t need that big house anymore and why drive a SUV and pay tons for gas when you can just get a scooter and pay less?

The story goes, Larry Crowne (who first comes up a little too shallow and full of himself), is fired or laid off from his job, at a Wal-Mart look alike store because he didn’t go to college. Larry who had spent no less than 20 years in the Navy tries to get another job and finds it difficult. Then his neighbor and garage sale junkie (Cedric the Entertainer) advices him to go back to school. He enrols and like a Barbie doll rides his scooter to school.

At this point the romantic comedy of the film was suppose to start as one of his classes was a speech class filled with somewhat strange characters from different ethnicity and ages. I guess the point of this characters was to help the audience take some time off from seeing Julia and Tom, as they were the only thing funny in the movie, the idea that this is a romantic comedy escaped me.

The class is taught by Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts), a tired and sad teacher who is saddled with a porn-loving, unemployed husband (Bryan Cranston). Larry (as you can guess if you have seen the trailer) finds his way to Mrs. Tainot's hard heart, since the husband is more interested in women with larger breasts and Julia is a wall.

Larry is also inducted into a gang of scooter-riding students, who decided the best way to kill time is to waste fuel scooter-ing all over town. I thought Larry was trying to conserve gas expenses?

Well Larry Crowne is a feel good movie as i said before and it is for those who are facing the hard times. If you have the spear time, you can tryout watching this movie.


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