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Fireproof (2008)

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Kirk Cameron
Erin Bethea
Ken Bevel
Perry Revell
Stephen Dervan

Directed by Alex Kendrick

Distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films
Sherwood Pictures

Average Score: 7/10

Production: 8/10
First thing I thought about when I first came across this movie was Alex Kendrick will be the star, but he appeared once for less than 5 minutes. The lead role was given to the Child star of Growing Pains, and Lead actor in the Left Behind series Kirk Cameron, who was the only seasoned actor in a whole bunch of volunteers. Shot in only 16 locations all donated, and a higher budget of 500,000 than the Kendrick’s previous film Facing the Giants which was a $100,000 in budget and a huge commercial success grossing over $10 million. Fireproof grossed over $33 million, an improvement in production might be the cause of this. Kirk Cameron delivered a good performance if I can say so, one better than I have seen him do even in the left behind series.
Fireproof diverted from the cliché drama we get when couples have marital problems, what we are used to is all going up in flames a battle and lots of dialogue, action and shouting, in fireproof we see a movie so simple and so down to earth that you can actually see yourself or someone else in it.
Cameron plays a fire-fighter who is a hero to everyone but his wife (Erin Bethea), a woman so cold you’ll think she’s a neighbor to Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus), Cameron so over run by his life as a fire-fighter and a dream of owning a boat which he saves for while neglecting the financial needs of his home and his addiction to porn makes him neglect his wife. When she decides its best the split he agrees, happy to be going back to the single life, but upon advice from his ministerial sounding dad who asked him to engage on a 40-day program to rekindle the love he once had in his marriage.
Here is where the Kendrick brothers hit a hole in one. The 40-day program took longer to materialize any change than you’ll expect that made the movie look too realistic as the wife doesn’t notice the man’s advances anymore due to her unconsummated flirtation with a doctor at work.

Message: 6/10
The message in the movie is based on how to revitalize your marriage, by paying attention to the little things, like showing love even when your spouse is difficult, being compassionate, putting others before you, humility and most of all patience.
It spoke about how marriage is a union govern by God, and the only way to triumph in the union is to rely on him.

Delivery: 6/10
Other than the movie being realistic, this is a plus. The downside of the movie is that since Kirk was the only actor that had experience, the others inexperience was now more prominent.
When Kirk was not saving someone, or a scene that has something to do with the marriage breaking up, we have Kirk’s bonding with his fellow firemen. These scenes were so out of place that you wish they will go by quickly and get to the next scene that matters. The purpose of those scenes was supposed to be for comedy (which you find in ‘Facing the Giants’) but they just bore you.

Some parts were not clear when Kirks wife found out that the money for her mother’s equipment had been paid for she refused to listen to the end of the information but was so carried away by what was done that she just ran to meet the good doctor to thank him, this sounds realistic but if you think about a little I have a debt that has been cleared I will be so excited that I will ask again and again who paid it. I will just ask not work away like a zombie-fied moth pulled to a flame, which the actress did.
Regardless of the budget and the lack of proficient actors this movie is well package for everyone and the family, and a good gift to newly weds and those with marital issues.


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