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Zookeeper (2011)

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Kevin James
Rosario Dawson
Leslie Bibb
Ken Jeong

Directed by Frank Coraci

Distributed by Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Columbia Pictures

Imagine watching a movie rated PG, and all through you kept thinking this movie must have been written by an 8 year old high on cheap drugs.
The film is produced by Sandler's production company, Happy Madison and if you are one of those people who have come to notice that lately Sandler’s films, are just lazy excuses to make money; with bad writing and flat characters what we get is a movie just running its time while you wait to leave.

Zookeeper is no change from the Happy Madison Genre, of bad writing, weak characters, and a sad excuse for comic entertainment. Except for the lead Kevin James who put his all into his acting, everyone else in the movie just tagged along for the ride.

Kevin the "King of queens" star who hit commercial success in the movie Paul Blart: The Mall Cop, found himself in a movie (which he wrote and produced mind you) lacking his talents for comedy. He did his best but it just seemed like he was in a world of his own and the movie was in a parallel universe.

The plot is about Griffin Keyes, who got dumped by his hot model girlfriend Stephanie (Leslie Bibb), for not being the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.
He latter meets her at his brother’s wedding years later and the old feeling came back. He starts to consider leaving the zoo to work for his brother so as to be the man Stephanie will want. The animals now decide its time they break their 'rule' of don’t talk to humans, so as to persuade Griffin to stay.

This is where the script writers (Nick Bakay, Rock Reuben & Kevin James) lost me, the animals that were trying to persuade Griffin to stay start to help so as to win his ex's heart, which was one of the reasons he wanted to live (he wanted to live and work for his bro to win her back, so they spoke to him so he can understand how much he means them and stay, then they turn around and help him in getting the girl).

Are u confused yet!

Because i was..., when the animals felt bad that he betrayed them when he finally succeeded to get Stephanie with their help and left.

With the aim of trying to be the kind of man Stephanie will want, the makers make us watch a movie where animals teach a man to walk like a bear, pee like a wolf to mark his territory, and taking advice from other animals like the lion, giraffe, elephant, and of cause the monkey who had the best suggestion.

He said throw your poop at her to get her attention.
That will work any day on any girl.

Finally after many failed attempts, the advice to behave as an alfa male finally got her.

Also to help him along in his quest, Kate (Rosario Dawson) who later falls for him and loves him just the way he is.


The review board that rated this movie need to be checked, because tagging a movie like this comedy doesn’t pan it at all, except for one or two laughs here and there the movie is as plane as any regular B-Movie thriller.

A movie has lost his appeal if after 10 minutes you know all to expect.

Kevin James can do better than this I advice him not to settle for less.


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