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Horrible Bosses (2011)

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Horrible Bosses



Jason Bateman
Charlie Day
Jason Sudeikis
Kevin Spacey
Jennifer Aniston
Colin Farrell
Jamie Foxx

Directed by Seth Gordon

Distributed by Warner Bros

Horrible bosses, a movie with enough profanity and sexual dialogues, to fill a person’s lifetime.

We all love Rachel from Friends, now imagine the same innocent and lovable Rachel cursing and sexually harassing a man.
The movie is definitely a post-hangover flick It felt like watching The Hangover (2009)all over again (Not Hangover 2 (2001), the mistake). The movie packs enough laughs for the year.

The casting at first didn’t look promising but they managed keep you entertained, as the actors actually took their role seriously and did a good job at it too.

The movie tells the tale of three friends who work for horrible bosses, One of them Nick (Jason Bateman) who works for a financial company underling for a male boss (Kevin Spacey) who promises to give him a promotion and makes him work harder to get it and then give the promotion to himself. Kevin Spacey again showed why he is a seasoned actor as he took the role and made a master piece out of it.

Another person in this movie is Dale (Charlie Day) worked as a dental hygienist for a female boss (Jennifer Aniston) who constantly harasses him sexually, demanding sex and blackmailing to tell his fiancée that they had sex. He was the only one who i believe and so did his friends that he didn't actually have a problem, a woman is chasing him for sex, that is like every man's dream.

The last guy Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) worked as a chemical company accountant, for actually a nice boss (Donald Sutherland) who dies and the company is handed over to his son (Colin Farrell) who wants to suck all the money out of the company and live large.

The three friends decides they would like to kill their bosses and hire an assassin who was actually a murder consultant (Jamie Foxx) who tells them the best way to get it done without them getting caught.

The director went straight to the point as the movie starts we are introduced to the actors and their bosses. The screenplay was well arranged as we also get to see the bosses’ personal lives and still be kept in focus as the movie doesn’t lose track of its purpose. But the movie had it’s bad side to, the dialogue was so sloppy that I wondered what happened, the writers probably didn’t have a dictionary because it was like if they don’t know what to write at any point they filled it with the F-word, which was dropped around a 120 times.

The good thing about the movie is how the 3 lead actors blended together as the director allowed them to improvise as you will see in the end of the movie, as the actors were actually doing some of their own writing, making up lines as they go.

There was a thing with Jennifer Aniston’s hair as the producers wanted it natural and as you will see in the movie she wore a wig, the producer wanted the audience to recognize the character, while Jennifer didn’t want the audience to think it was Rachel saying all the swear words and odd remarks.

Here is a movie you will like to watch again and again, the movie is just nice.


  1. The idea of a murder consultant makes me laugh every time i think it