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Pixie (2020)

Pixie (2020)



Olivia Cooke

Ben Hardy

Daryl McCormack

Chris Walley

Directed by Barnaby Thompson

With a Trainspotting vibe (where elements from it were stolen) this movie is fun and the comedy comes at you from all angles, in the action and the very weird family dynamic. Pixie is a British comedy thriller film directed by Barnaby Thompson and written by Preston Thompson. Thompson is a name that can be tied to the production of 1995’s Tommy Boy and 97’s Spice World.

Olivia Cooke is the lead in this movie and her place is the sticky glue that holds all the incidents together. I enjoyed how the movie’s pacing is crafted, as you are left on the outs wondering what the end game of the lady in question Pixie (Olivia Cooke) was. Also, how the hell she was going to handle the two yahoos with her.

The movie starts with two men discussing on their way to entering a building, so as not to drop some spoilers here, lets jump ahead to them entering the building and killing the men there. In the building were men in priest attire and they were actually doing a drug deal. So these two men killed these priests and took the drugs. We get to understand that Pixie was the person behind this robbery, as she gave one of the men the tip of it. One of the men killed the other and was heading to go kill Pixie also.

Elsewhere there are these two other guys who met Pixie at a club and one of them approaches her, soon we were at her home with one of them hoping to get lucky. While the other was in the car waiting he saw an angry man (one of the robbers) approaching Pixie’s home with the intention to kill, for no reason he runs him over. After the other guy comes out he and his friend now have to deal with a dead guy in their trunk and a bag full of drugs.

Pixie happens to be the daughter of a drug dealer, and heard everything that happened that led to the death of the priests, as she did not see the drugs she knew something has gone wrong with her plan. On her way home she sees blood on the floor, suspecting that something is off concerning the two men who came to her place the other night, she goes to where they live and they tell her everything.

She tells them, they better work with her to sell the drugs and get good money or kill her. They decided it is best they work with her to get money that will be set them up for a long time. And she can finally get away from her family and their mafia life style. How they plan to sell these drugs, the messy situations they got into on their way is what this movie is all about.

It is fun to see and you get to see the funny ideas stolen from Trainspotting.


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