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Promising Young Woman (2020)

Promising Young Woman (2020)



Carey Mulligan

Bo Burnham

Alison Brie

Clancy Brown

Directed by Emerald Fennell

This movie ended in a very surprising way. Promising Young Woman is a dark movie which promises to be comedic, but seems to not have anything regarding that genre. I did enjoy the movie for most parts and felt at times it dragged a little. There were much the writers could have made Cassie do, when it came to getting even with the people responsible for ruining her friend Nina’s life. I felt the writers were a little too on the trying to be realistic side, a little more I Spit On Your Grave female anger would have done the trick for me.

It is a safe movie to see when there is nothing much happening on screen, but you may get to parts that will bore you, so best watch this movie with the control on your hand to skip pass the unneeded talks.

Acting wise, I felt everyone did their best in what I will classify a B-movie cast.

The movie starts with the introduction to Cassie (Carey Mulligan) and her style of getting back at men. She acts drunk at clubs, someone takes her home and when you try to take advantage of her in her drunk state, she flips the switch. Here is where the movie has me at lost of words, she is small in comparison to the men she is with and I have no clue how she gets over on them.

Anyways, she continues this acts and we see that she has placed her life on pause because of the death of her friend Nina. We come to understand that Nina her friend was raped numerous times at a party while she was passed out drunk. The incident ruined Nina and she had to drop out of school. Her life went down a spiral which eventually landed her to her death. Cassie was the friend who stood by her through it too saw her life ruined by the incident and she has been dreaming of getting even with everyone involved.

She meets a former class mate Ryan, who has feelings for her and was not going to give up until he gets her. Through Ryan she was able to get the need inspiration to go after everyone involved, from the Dean who did nothing to the Lawyer who defended the man who did, Al.

The movie ended in a way I would not have planed for her and I guess if it ended like she running away from it all and starting over again else where, now that would have been classier.


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