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Stuart Little 2 (2002)

Stuart Little 2 (2002)



Michael J. Fox

Geena Davis

Hugh Laurie

Directed by Rob Minkoff

After the wonderful ride that was Stuart Little in 1999 I was so expecting a second part even though I expected it to suck. It did not in my book and just felt like the first movie with a few more characters.

The movie has everyone back from the first movie, Michael J. Fox, Nathan Lane returning to voice Stuart and Snowbell. Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie, returning as Mrs and Mr Little. Unlike the first movie which digressed a lot from the original plot, this one stayed close to the E.B. White’s book to which the movies are based.

Here is a tale of how Stuart and Snowbell, go way out of their way to save a canary named Margalo (voiced by Melanie Griffith) from an evil falcon (voiced by James Woods).

Everything about this movie seems like it just picked up from where the last one stopped. Here we see a lot more bond between Stuart and George, with Snowbell all well acclimatized to having a mouse as his owner. We are taking through more adventures and introduced to Stuart’s new car, which on one fortunate ride picked up a passenger, a canary named Margalo.

Margalo was being chased by a falcon and Stuart was able to race her to safety. He takes her home and tries to mend her wing, which allows Margalo to be introduced to the other members of the home. Snowbell is also pissed that he cannot eat her too.

Soon we see that there is more to Stuart meeting Margalo than the coincidence that we saw and the bravery of Snowbell cannot be crafted into words what he did to save his family.

Unlike the first movie M. Night Shyamalan was not involved in the screenplay, but the director Rob Minkoff was back to direct. This was the last CGI/Live Action take on the character, as this movie did not do so well like the first movie and the third was a total traditional animation.

The movie also has a step up in the graphics and it did better critically that the first, even though I still feel the best was slightly better.

What can be noticed in the movie is the removal of the twin towers, as after the September 11 attacks the producers felt it was best to have them digitally removed. This movie is all the fun you can get when you sit through it with your family. Here is a sequel that you can just pop in after seeing the first movie.

I have not seen the third movie in this series and do not plan too, but let me know if you feel it is worth seeing in the comment below.


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