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Barbie (2023)

Barbie (2023)



Margot Robbie

Ryan Gosling

America Ferrera


Directed by Greta Gerwig


There comes a time when you just know that everyone is pulling a fast one on you. You are the bottom of the joke. This time, it is probably all the people that rated this film high, this film sucks and it is a bad film.

I saw this film and I kept waiting to see all the things people are saying. Yes! The acting was good, but other than that, the characters were stuck in their own identity, which made this film so stiff and the story… OMG this film should have been called Barbie’s Feminist Movement Parade.

I love Margot Robbie, even this film cannot undo her influence or work she has done in the industry, but for what point was this film made?

Every female TikToker or wannabe influencer is out there shouting the same thing this film is screaming from the top of its loins, is just this film could have done better.

What made Lego films cool, is that there is a break from the identity of the box these characters came from. Here, Barbie is stuck in that box of wanting to be perfect and wanting things to go back to the same way it was, where she was in control. When things changed, she did not change it back to a more balanced society in Barbieland, she changed it back to women rule everything and the Kens are just there for decoration.

This film was offensive to my brain, and I believe I lost IQ points seeing it.

Now the plot. Barbie goes about her perfect day in Barbieland with her other Barbies. Every day is the same and things do not change, until one day she wakes up with the thought of mortality and sadness. She tells the other Barbies who send her to meet Weird Barbie, who happens to understand what was happening. The person playing with her, has transferred her fears and thoughts into her, causing a crack between the worlds and allowing these feelings to break into Barbieland. So, she needs to go into the real world, find this person and fix the problem. She goes along with Ken, and they discover that things in the real world are not a reflection of what is in Barbieland.

While Barbie struggles to get a grip of the real world, Ken learns about the patriarchy system and thinks it is the best for Barbieland.

I will not be surprised if this film becomes a box-office hit, everyone is just going to say it is great for the fear of being different and say the truth, this film sucks.


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