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Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (2023)

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (2023)



Anthony Ramos

Dominique Fishback

Luna Lauren Vélez


Directed by Steven Caple Jr.


I must be honest with you, I have no idea how many of these films there are or how many I have actually seen, because they just cannot stop making them. What I do recall is how much I enjoyed seeing Bumblebee which was done five years ago, so I stepped into seeing this film with my mind open to either enjoying myself, or signing off the franchise.

Right off the bat, I can tell you, it has as much CGI and special effects as you would imagine. Action fights of metal on metal and for many like me who grew up on this cartoon, it was just OK, but the plot's cringy and cheezy lines and scenes all over the place made it lose marks. I felt Bumblebee was a lot better, though, I think a more scaled down version with less metal on metal fight sequences will be best. It will make the film focus more on its plot and the drama between the character, instead of filling them with low class drama that just made me want to skip forward. It will be best for the film over all than just loud clangs and transformations. That is what made Bumblebee fantastic, and a wonderful prequel to the franchise.

In case you did not know, this film takes place before the first Transformer film back in 2007, and it is a sequel to Bumblebee, but Hailee Steinfeld is not in this film.

I never get why films make the bad guys so impossible to kill, then somehow out of nowhere find a way to stop something that is bigger and stronger than they are. Some form of wisdom that only good guys get to have a glimpse into.

The film’s plot is about a key called the Transwarp key, which allows the holder to transport themselves through space and time. The key is in the care of the Maximals, and their world was attacked by the world devouring Unicron. Unicron sends his Terrorcons led by Scourge to the Maximals world to capture the key, so he can travel far and feast on more plants. They failed, and the remaining Maximals took the key away from their home world, leaving Unicron trapped in their galaxy as he devours their world. Unicron sends his Terrorcons and Scourge to search the universe for this key.

So happens the key is on earth and was discovered by museum intern Elena. Upon discovering it, she set off its beacon which can only be seen by the bots. Scourge and his Terrorcons go to the museum and a battle for the key happens between the Autobots and the Terrorcons, with Scourge being the decider, bringing down the Autobots with ease. Aiding the Autobots is Noah, who happens to be trying to steal a car (which was Mirage) when Optimus called the Autobots together upon discovering the key signal. Noah was taken along to the gathering of the Autobots and joined them in their quest to get the key.

Scourge was able to get the key and would have killed all the Autobots, if not for a Maximal coming to save them. Scourge and the Terrorcons leave with the key to inform Unicron of their triumph. Only to discover that the Maximals split the key into two and what they had was just half a key.

The Maximal also informed the Autobots of this, and they along with Elena and Noah are going after the other half before Scourge and the Terrorcons get it.

I know that there will be future films, because going by the way things are concerning this franchise, and the money it keeps making, I do not think they plan to stop anytime soon.


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