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Oppenheimer (2023)

Oppenheimer (2023)



Cillian Murphy

Emily Blunt

Matt Damon

Robert Downey Jr.

Florence Pugh


Directed by Christopher Nolan


The film felt like Christopher Nolan wanted to boast to the world that he can make a film three hours long and be about a subject he likes and yet it will be a blockbuster, and everyone will want to see it.

Because other than the titular character, everyone else is not given any form of character depth. The film is so disjointed and lacking good cohesion that there is no point wanting to know who anyone is. Just know that Cillian Murphy plays Oppenheimer, and that is all that matters. Because trying to string a deep link between the characters is not going to be easy. Just know their names and places and that is all that matters. Cinematography is world class as you would expect from Nolan, but that’s it.

The story telling is poor, the non-linear way the scenes are shown makes it hard to put things together, at first. When you finally understand the flow, you are still left wondering if it was worth the time you have invested into seeing this movie.

Christopher Nolan is a great filmmaker, but the pride that drove him to make this film shows that it was done for him and not for the viewer to love.

The film’s plot is about the titular character, Oppenheimer, who was part of a team of physicists, who are called to develop the atomic bomb, during World War II. We go through the morals, questioning and drama as we are taken through this historical piece through cut scenes and non-linear flow of great cinematography but boring story. I the end I felt like, “why should I not have just read the book?”

I think their times reviewers and award shows have a meeting and agree beforehand the films they are going to be behind no matter what. We see this many times when films that you know you have seen better independent films get so much attention and ratings, yet they are poor either in production or plot. But their marketing power and backing makes them shine better than other films released during their period at the box-office. The marketing power of the words written and directed by Christopher Nolan has made this a must see, and it seems every popular reviewer just wants to say it is great even though it is not.

I compare this with Barbie, the movie that came out in the same window as this. The marketing for the film and the message it carries will make it hard for some men to come out and say, this was crap. Because the truth can have you labelled.

There is no point running to the IMAX to see this film it was not worth any of the time and money spent seeing it.


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