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The Out-Laws (2023)

 The Out-Laws (2023)




Adam DeVine

Nina Dobrev

Ellen Barkin

Pierce Brosnan


Directed by Tyler Spindel


I am envious of Adam Sandler and the deal he has with Netflix to make these movies for them. I guess when you have an empty library because other production companies remove their contents from your platform, you will allow any and everything in just to fill up the space.

This film was released on Netflix last week, and to be honest the only thing this film is good for is dummy space, there is nothing to see here. Because the moment the new in-laws (Billy and Lilly, played by Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin respectively) walked in, and our lead (Owen, played by Adam DeVine) met them, the whole film came unloose. It lost everything that had me interested and became a total mess of a production.

Here is the skinny on this plot. Owen and Parker are about to get married. We met Owen’s family, and they are, like in all movies, too goofy to be real. But Parker’s parents are not around and seems that they will miss the wedding. But a call came through that they are coming, and Owen is so excited, but Parker is reserved. Owen’s character started looking for things about Parker’s parents and did one thing no human will ever do, called a place he knew they had a connection with to ask if he could get photos of them, for whatever reason he thought was the right thing.

Turns out the place he called was not on the up and up, and Parker’s parents are being wanted by the “bad guys” who happen to be another goofy bunch. So, Owen’s call and leaving behind his details did more harm than good.

There is this disconnect between the actors that I could not even understand how the director, or the casting director let it slip. It was worse between Barkin and Dobrev.

Another horrible thing about this film was how Brosnan seems to be in another film on his own because he was just too much of a character and actor than everyone else around him, I cannot put my finger on it if this is a good thing or a bad thing for him as an actor, one thing is, it just did not fit the film context at all for me. This is a really horrible film to see at any moment in time. There has to be better things you can be doing with your time.

Why Netflix feels it is OK to allow movies like this to be produced is beyond me. They have great movies produced that are better to see twice over than this. Here the characters never seem real, and the plot felt like something a three-year-old, made up on the go when you ask them to tell you a story.


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