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A Knight’s Tale (2001)

A Knight’s Tale (2001)


Heath Ledger
Mark Addy
Alan Tudyk
Paul Bettany

Directed by Brian Helgeland

A Knight’s Tale is a medieval adventure film starring the late Heath Ledger. I have seen the movie so many times and yet I still cannot get enough of the passion, the comedy and the adventure that exist in every scene. Here is a movie that takes me back memory lane, introducing me to medieval jousting at its best.

A Knight’s Tale is about a man trying to change his stars, in lame man terms it is a commoner wanting to be a royalty. Although the movie is fiction is there is something about this plot I find fun and exciting.

Now the movie’s main high is the jousting event, which is well staged in this movie, the choreography is one to remember and the props were cool.
Even though many of the lines and the opening theme songs are very well from the present age, the way the movie mixed and matched the lines and song is magnificent to the ears.

The sword fights however, was crap.

Another downside to the movie is the lead’s origin. The movie is set in England, but the lead actor and many of the supporting cast happen to me Americans, but you just have to overlook this slight yet annoying miscast and enjoy what the movie has to offer.

What does the movie have to offer you may ask? The sweet lines from Sir William Thatcher’s announcer who in the movie is named Geoffrey Chaucer.
The movie got its title (not the plot) not the plot from Geoffrey Chaucer’s book The Knight’s Tale. In this movie Chaucer happens to be the one penning down this tale.

Another downer for the movie is, it is predictable, you can guess your way through the movie, but as I said above I have seen this movie numerous times, so even though it is predictable it offers something many movies fail to get into their scripting, memorable characters and events.

The movie is filled with characters you will love, find funny admire and hate. The events that lead to each match is filled with gags and one liners that you will fondly remember.
Why I will advise that you see this movie above all cost is that, if you have not seen it by now you are missing out in the below tale.

William (Heath Ledger) and friends work for a noble knight who happen to have died during a jousting match. Hungry and tired the three friends suit up William to take his place as long as he keeps his helmet on and remain on his horse to win. The plan worked, they got food and decided to carry on, they got help from an author and poet, he forged papers naming William to be of noble birth and they went on winning.

But someone has caught in to their scheme and is bent to expose them.

Awesome movie, and will be watching it again.


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