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Brewster’s Millions (1985)

Brewster’s Millions (1985)


Richard Pryor
John Candy

Directed by Walter Hill

The 1985 comedy, Brewster’s millions is a movie that did not get the recognition from a comedy standpoint for a comedy movie starring both Richard Pryor and John Candy. Recognition meaning, the movie was more dramatic than it was funny. One of those movies that you will want to see how it ends rather than just give up half way because it fails to make you laugh.

The big challenge this movie had in the comedy arena was that the task required of the character Monty Brewster. This movie is a book adaptation of the same name and the plot can’t be simpler. The character Monty had to finish spending a huge some of money in a limited amount of time in order to make ten times more of that amount.
His task of spending $30 million dollars in a month with enough rules to make sure that he spends and not just waste it, was tasking. That being the major plot of the movie, spend $30 million in 30 days, would have been more funny if he was allowed to go wild.

The movie did not make it an easy ride for Monty (the lead, played by Richard Pryor). We the viewer also get to feel the pain and challenge he is facing. His task required some serious thinking, and being in a position where no one can help in your spending spree can also be tough. Monty had to do this on his own without telling anyone. If he fails he will lose all the money.

The way he went about trying to make it happen and some of his antics were very inventive. But, there is the problem of his best friend Spike (John Candy) who is trying to help Monty. Spike is unaware of the condition placed on Monty and he tries to help his friend keep his money.

The pain Monty feels when Spike makes money from things Monty tries to lose money on can only be best expressed when you get to see this movie yourself. All these happenings are not placed in a comedic tone and it leaves me to wonder if this movie could have been better written.

Further more Monty was distracted by the love interest of his character in this movie, a situation which I believe would have been best deleted from the script.

In the end I did not get to laugh, but I did get to see why anyone would say go see this movie. I would not in good sense give you the same preaching, but I can say I was glued to see it through.


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