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I Am Mother (2019)

I Am Mother (2019)


Clara Rugaard
Rose Byrne (voice of mother)
Hilary Swank

Directed by Grant Sputore

I Am Mother is an interesting Sci-Fi thriller flick that twist and turns on you the viewer so that in the end you are left wondering what the big picture is here.
The movie is a catalog of controversies. Which you will like to run with as the movie progresses is not an easy choice. Even when the movie ends, it does so by planting the thought that there is still more about the tale that the movie is not telling.
Seeing Hilary Swank was a breath of fresh air, her face is one that is stuck in my mind when you have to mention magnificent performers. The movie only has three humans present, so that is something you have to have in mind if you sit to watch the movie.
We spend the first half of the movie watching Mother (a Maternal Robot) raising a girl, teaching and nurturing as she grows over the years to an intelligent young lady (Clara Rugaard). Half way into the movie, we get to meet another human, a Woman (Hilary Swank). The last human we meet in the film was a baby.

Here goes the plot. In the distant future, humans have made a mess of the earth and have become their own worst enemy. There was a contingency plan for such an instant, they created an AI whose job is to repopulate the earth, when humans wipe themselves out. With this AI is many fertilized embryos waiting to be brought to life.

The movie starts at a point in time where the AI countdowns to human extinction and kicks off the process and brings to life a girl. A girl who all through this movie we call Daughter.
Daughter grows up to be a nice young lady and all she knows is that the robot with her is her mother, who has informed her that there is no life outside the bunker they are living in.
She is told the atmosphere is polluted and going outside can risk the life of Daughter. Daughter believes this, but still wonders. One day something Daughter did not expect happens, a woman comes knocking on their bunker, one night when she was having trouble sleeping and was considering breaking the rules.
Daughter is for the first time facing a challenge that is beyond her teachings by Mother, what is she to do when another fellow human needs assistance. Also, this is the first human Daughter is seeing and the only other person she has engaged in conversation with other than Mother. Daughter’s instincts kicks in and offers help to the woman, an act she well knows that Mother will not allow, if Mother was the first to see the Woman and not her.

The movie is very captivating and it grows on you and you will not notice the time pass by as you watch. The movie is not perfect, there are times when I feel the writers got so involved in their mystery that they forget that movies such as this needs to have a clear path to keep you entertained. The acting in this movie is top notch and the director had a firm grip on where he wanted this movie to go. Here is a fine film to see on Netflix any day.


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