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Men In Black: International (2019)

Men In Black: International (2019)


Chris Hemsworth
Tessa Thompson

Directed by F Gary Gary

Great chemistry. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson did a movie that just had that, great chemistryand cool special effects. The movie just plays on what both of them already had when we saw them play Thor and Valkryie in MCU’s Thor: Ragnarok (2017).
The sad thing about this movie though is that it was a drag. It was just missing its step along the way of a tale we so much enjoyed when we first watched Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) in the black suit saving the world. This here MIB tries to play on that, in the first Men in Black (1997) Agent K was showing Agent J (the rookie) the ropes. Here it is something similar, but with Agent M (Tessa Thompson) being the rookie who seems more grounded and Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) being the veteran who has lost his way.

We first see Agent H and High T go against the Hive in Paris. We later get to know that they won that battle, propelling H and T to superstar status in the MIB realm of things.
More than twenty years before this a little girl named Molly witnessed the MIB use neuralysation on her parents making them forget the alien that was in their house. Molly, helped the alien escape. From then on Molly has been obsessed with finding these people in black suits.
She has her life put on pause, doing work that makes it easier for her to track anything resembling alien presence so she can investigate. Well, such an incident happened and she used that opportunity to infiltrate the MIB, but gets caught.

Note, she has done something no one has ever done, locate the MIB base and even get in the front door. So, when she was being interrogated by Agent O she passed and joined the team on probation. O sends her to High T’s branch in London. There she partners with H to protect Vungus an alien royal family, who also happens to be H’s friend.
Things got ugly fast, when Vungus was murdered, but not before informing Agent M (while he slips something to her for safe keeping) that there is something wrong about H.
The two identify the culprits and tried to apprehend them and fail. Things got tricky when it was discovered that Vungus gave M a device and she has failed to tell anyone about it. Agent C, decided to investigate, with T’s approval.

The movie had its funny moments especially when both our leads had to battle his (Agent H) former love. From that moment on the movie was fun to watch – with thrills and suspense, but you have to wait for eighty minutes to get to this part. Then the movie decided to have a cheesy anticlimactic ending.
The odd thing about this movie, is that I feel it will end up being one of those movies we will probably enjoy some time later. At this time the movie has been a commercial loss and all hope of rebooting this franchise kind of died here or else the studio has some trick up their sleeves to turn a profit on this movie, this will be the last MIB we will see in a while.


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