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iBoy (2017)

iBoy (2017)


Bill Milner
Maisie Williams

Directed by Adam Randall

Rape is not an issue someone should take likely. This movie using it as the main angle to which the whole film develops, did not sit well with me. In the idea of making a revenge film about a boy who got shot in the head and turned to some kind of mutant, the makers of this film decided to localize his view. He lives in the dark path of gang filled London, and his actions are similar to that of someone whose view are limited to his surroundings. That is an A+ to the concept, but the execution is a D.
This movie is just painfully annoying and stupid. Our guy gets shot while trying to make a phone call and some part of the phone gets stuck in his head. Now his brain gets fused with the phone’s CPU and our man becomes a hybrid – he becomes a working human/computer.
Now, that’s just putting it mildly, he became so advanced as the movie progresses that anything that has any form of electrical wiring he could control. Then he stepped up a notch again, being able to control the electromagnetic waves around. His entire view can become digitalized if he wishes and even though it may sound cool, this was just over the top silly.

The movie is based on a book of the same name by Kevin Brooks. Our hero (Bill Milner) goes to school with the lady of his dreams Lucy (Maisie Williams). He is head over heels for her and one day she tells him to come over to give him some tutoring. On his way to her place, he witnesses some men coming out of her apartment (apparently after raping Lucy). He picks his phone and starts dialing the cops when he gets shot in the head. Pieces of the phone CPU gets into his head and fuses with his brain. Now he has developed some extraordinary skills, and the movie is hell bent on him trying to get revenge on what was done to Lucy.

The argument you may have is, if Marvel and D.C. can make their movies about weird incidents giving people super powers why can’t anybody?
True, why can’t anybody? Well other people have made Sci-Fi movies with people having abilities beyond normal human comprehension. We have seen the Unbreakable series (Bruce Willis), Chronicle (2012), Matrix (series), Sky High (2005), recently John Wick (that character is not normal), Just to mention a few. Whether you will like to admit it or not, there have been movies about humans with great abilities done better than this.
The acting in this movie may have been well done, but the story was too easy and the plot was just another superhero movie missing the mark.


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