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Anna (2019)

Anna (2019)


Sasha Luss
Luke Evans
Cillian Murphy
Helen Mirren

Directed by Luc Beeson

Anna is a spy film with no thrills and a tiresome plot.
Watching Anna reminds you of another of Luc Beeson’s movie Lucy (2014), the only sad thing here is that, Lucy was fun. In Lucy the action was fast flowing, strong and very engaging. The plot was not complex, but simple with well-choreographed fight scenes.
What’s there to like about Anna?
Is it the very boring and bland plot, or the action scenes that were missing the main ingredient of every action scene engaging and heart racing? If you have seen the trailer and expect something cool like me, get ready to be disappointed
Here is a movie about a KGB agent trying to get out and instead of us getting a Hanna (2011) focused kind of lady when it comes to getting what she wants, we get Anna. Anna is our female badass whose time in this movie has been more devoted in choreographing unneeded sex scenes, than putting together a good plot.
Another annoying thing about this movie is that it is too long a drag.

The movie plot is about Anna’s life, which is a conspiracy waiting to happen, a feel you get when things start to develop. Although when the conspiracy does happen you are left wondering, why you invested this much time to see this happen anyway?
Anna has had a dark past, which led her to be recruited into the KGB. There she is assigned to work as a model and carryout many high-profile killings, using her pretty face.
Her handler Alex has a desire to head the KGB, a dark desire we do not know about until Anna got herself into trouble with the CIA and was given the task to kill the KGB head. Alex finds this out and believes this will open doors for him to get to where he desires. The undertone in this movie is Anna herself wants out of the KGB, she wants to get the various tasks done and be free, a promise the head of the KGB has promised and also the CIA who wants her help.

I have seen better spy films and I wish to forget that I saw this one. The movie is not doing well in the box office and after the time I have spent seeing it I can understand why. I expected better from Luc Beeson, but every good movie maker, gets their bad days. Anna is Beeson’s and I hope the next movies from him live up to the height he has set for himself as a movie maker.


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