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Child’s Play 2 (1990)

Child’s Play 2 (1990)


Brad Dourif as voice of Chucky
Alex Vincent
Jenny Agutter
Gerrit Graham

Directed by John Lafia

Here is my problem with Child’s Play 2 – Chucky’s ability to over power people.
He is not sneaking up on them to slice them up, nope he just has this ability to over power them. If you can recall, Chucky is a doll and a doll with such ability is so unreal and just made everyone in the movie look stupid and dumb.

How was he able to tie Andy to the bed? He tied the boy’s both legs and hands and gagged him too. Then he was able to tie another man, in his car both hands. He seems not just to have extra ordinary strength, but could have also extra hands.

Then comes continuity, if you have seen the rest of the Child’s Play movies you will notices that everything that this movie is about, is absolute nonsense. The whole time is running out for him to do the transfer to another body, didn’t apply in all the movies the followed. It was not even mentioned.

This second movie in the franchise may not have been the worst, but it was just plain dumb. Yeah, it didn’t have the dark humor all plastered over the screen like the others, or it did and I substituted it for stupidity. Also, it didn't bother to make any sense of the things happening on screen either.

The plot follows the events of the first film. The company that made the Good Guy doll took the doll Chucky possessed and brought brought it back to their factory. Chucky was badly burnt by Andy in the first film. They were trying to find out what went wrong with that doll so as to wrap up an ongoing investigation.

When the doll was being repaired, some electrical energy from the voodoo I guess, fried the men working on the doll.

The now repaired doll, begins a what looked like an impossible task. Finding Andy in the now child services system. Andy’s mother was just mentioned briefly as being institutionalized which is just sad and very annoying.
Andy is in the system, Chucky called and asked for his whereabouts, and he was given. I do not live in America, but if it is just that easy to find someone then that system is broken. He locates him and in the house Andy was being fostered was already a Good Guy doll, so he destroyed that doll and buried it, so as to take its place.

Now Chucky is in the house with Andy and immediately things started to go from weird to tragic really fast.

After completing my run of all the movies, only the first film is worth the whole aggravation, the rest are just plain dull.


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