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See You Yesterday (2019)

See You Yesterday (2019)


Eden Duncan-Smith
Danté Crichlow

Directed by Stefon Bristol

The movie is the typical, predictable time travel problem meets black lives matter. We also get to see Michael J. Fox do a cameo and say, “Great Scott!”
Do you remember any time travel movie you have seen? Now try and remember the one problem they all have in common. When you try to change something in the past to get a future you want, it always comes with a baggage.

You can tell that this film is a low budget black film, trying out things in the science friction genre. I liked the way the director and co-writer Stefon Bristol found a way to keep me wanting to see how the movie ended. Then, I did not like the end where our lead is just lost in her desire to get a perfect ending.
Many words in this here film. Science words or muddled together to what made sense in the world crated for this film. Add to that many science circuitries with 80s special effects, then the actors acting all needed some touch, and you have See You Yesterday.

The movie plot is about a teenager named C.J and her best friend Sebastian. Both are into time travel and have been working on making it happen for I want to believe years. Taking things from their school lab and making many other things at home, they were able to create a backpack of some sort that they use to time travel.
They decided to give it a test drive and witnessed first-hand the result of what happens when you interfere with an incident in the past.
You will think this lesson will deter them from trying it again, but when C.J lost someone due to police shooting a black person with no probable cause, C.J. was hell bent to save that person’s life.
The challenge is each time she tries, she gets a new outcome which does not give her the present she wants.

Now the movie has many plot holes with the whole time travel thing, much of which are similar to the same things we see when we watch other movies trying to make the same thing happen.
So, if you got the time – you can catch this movie on Netflix. You will enjoy the look and idea that the movie is trying to pass across.
Then there is the lesson we have all come to learn from time travel being repeated here, time travel is a power that just doesn’t get things right in the end without repercussions.


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