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Seed of Chucky (2004)

Seed of Chucky (2004)


Jennifer Tilly
Billy Boyd
Brad Dourif

Directed by Don Mancini

Seed of Chucky is more comedy than horror, more silly than needed. And on hind sight after seeing this, while watching the whole franchise backwards it seems the whole thing went to shit long before the ones that followed.

The LGBT kind of themed result of Chucky and Tiffany’s was confusing, but the comedy tied to it was not. The movie was so heavy on being absurd and different that it forgot it was trying to scare you too. The comedy may have been easy on the eye to keep you watching to the end, but everything else was not.

The movie before this one Bride of Chucky, and this movie was the fifth installment in the Child's Play franchise. That ended with Tiffany giving birth to a doll like kid. Some how that child (named Glen) ended up in the U.K. with a British accent.
He was being used in a circus like way by a man who used him as a ventriloquist's dummy. After performances he is locked in a cage. One day while watching T.V. he sees a Chucky and Tiffany doll, and realizes that they must be his parent. Which is dumb writing from the man who has been behind the franchise since inception, Don Mancini. (Mancini also directed this movie making it this his directorial debut).
Reason of it being dumb is that, if Glen had seen another doll couple on T.V. would he had also assume they were his parents? He solved this puzzle because Chucky like him had the same made in Japan stamp, which can also be on any doll made in Japan.

The reason his parents (the dolls) were on T.V. is because a movie was being made about them, as the dolls were being suspected for various murders.

Well he escaped from his cage and one way or another found his way to the storage where Chucky and Tiffany was. How he was able to deduce this is, not said.
Then he had on his neck a necklace which had the ancient inscription used to transfer souls, which both his parents had used in earlier films.

He read them and bringing Chucky and Tiffany’s souls into the dolls.

Anyways, Chucky and Tiffany wake up to meet Glen and they started a weird family with Tiffany trying to change and be a good mother and Chucky happy with the way things are.

The complexity of their relationship and Tiffany trying to start a family, by taking over Jennifer Tilly’s body and more complexity is what this movie is about.

The movie was made in a modern era of filming, which would have done more justice to the first film, if it was released at that time. The plot is just full of holes and too silly to be taken seriously.
The CGI was not spectacular and other than the dolls and Jennifer Tilly, everyone else in the movie did not seem to think this movie was a serious thing to invest in.

I’m glad Don Mancini has been removed from the franchise reboot. This was not a spectacular movie I tell you.


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