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Three Men and a Little Lady (1990)

Three Men and a Little Lady (1990)


Tom Selleck
Steve Guttenberg
Ted Danson
Nancy Travis

Directed by Emile Ardolino

After the success of the first film, you cannot expect the movie studio not to try and make a second part and cash in on the money that movie goers will part with to see the trio and Mary again. The sad thing is, this movie was not anywhere close to the first movie and lacked the needed push to make this film enjoyable.
The movie plot failed it again in this second part, with making Mary’s mum (Sylvia) husband to be the villain, was just cheesy.

Everything went down from then on, it was like you are watching three movies. The first half of the movie is Three Men and a Baby with Sylvia. Mary now grown and all fun to see how children adapt to life in this weird living conditions. She is living with three men and her mother.
Then the movie drops all the fun for the second part, trying to get Sylvia to get a life, her own man and home since the man she fancied (not Jack) Peter, was being elusive.
The last part of the movie, was all about Peter and his intent to get Sylvia.

So something like two thirds of the movie, had little to do with the remaining two leads from the first film Guttenberg and Danson. That means the magical chemistry between these three was gone. It was that Chemistry that made the first film good, now all we are left with is a romantic comedy, with a bad plot.

As already shared above, the three men and Sylvia were now living together with Mary. A very weird arrangement indeed.
Mary was getting all the love and support she needed so things were fine. Until Sylvia wanted more for herself and Mary. She decided to marry a man who although wealthy and seemed stable, everyone knew was bad for her long term happiness.

So now that she is in this relationship, it seems there is nothing the guys could do. Things got worse when they found out that the man lived in England and wanted Sylvia and Mary to come live there with him and his family.
Now the gang decided to do all they can to mar the marriage plans and see if they can bring together the two people they believe were meant for each other. Which strangely you will expect in this sort of situation to be Jack and Sylvia, but it is Peter and Sylvia.

The movie was a mistake from my view.
Disney is planning a remake for their new streaming channel Disney+. I hope it goes back to the root of what made the first film a memorable one.


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