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Attack the Block (2011)

Attack the Block (2011)


John Boyega
Jodie Whittaker

Directed by Joe Cornish

Why this movie under performed in the box office is just beyond me because the movie is fantastic. The movie starred John Boyega [who played Finn in the new Star Wars (2015 – 2019)] and Jodie Whittaker. Jodie plays the 13th incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who. At the time of this movie’s release both of them had not hit the star status they have now.
The movie was written and directed by Joe Cornish who did a fantastic work in his direction of this movie. He staged the plot so that you get to see two worlds get intertwined, the world of the hooligans in South London and that of alien invasion in South London.

Attack the Block is a British science fiction comedy horror that takes you by storm when things start to make sense. It starts with a lady nurse named Samantha (Jodie Whittaker) getting mugged by some street gang led by Moses (John Boyega). They took all she had on her and during the mugging something fell from the sky and crashed into the car which was beside them where the mugging was taking place. Samantha ran away during the commotion.
Moses and his friends instead of running away, decided to see if they can steal from the car that was crashed. Upon opening the car door and searching inside, Moses was attacked and scratched by some sort of animal.

When he was being made fun of by his crew, Moses decided to chase down the creature and kill it. They did and Moses went into the sort of small wooden cabin the creature was hiding out and he killed it. He drags the creature out to discover that it is not something they know as animal on this earth.
Moses takes the creature with him to see Hi-Hatz who lives in a block of house where Moses and his crew also lives. He keeps the creature in the weed room with the hope to see the carcass for some cash later on.
Later on we see many lights coming from the sky, more of these creatures are now in South London. Hi-Hatz tells Moses to become one of his errand boys to be selling drugs for him. Moses and his crew leave. Samantha tells the police of her mugging and they went on the street looking for her assailant. They see Moses and catch him and found the drugs on him. They were going to put him in the bus when another creature similar to the one Moses and his crew killed attacked the cops. These creature was bigger than the one Moses killed and it was more fierce.
His (Moses) crew helped him escape, but then they ran into Hi-Hatz and they ran from him too. So now Hi-Hatz is after them, and some alien creatures too are after them.

All these show down is what this movie is about and the fun in watching this movie just keeps coming. You should go look for and see this movie.


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