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Her Smell (2018)

Her Smell (2018)



Elizabeth Moss

Cara Delevingne

Dan Stevens

Directed by Alex Ross Perry

Her Smell is a dramatic look at the life of a rock star from the rise to fame to the bottom where everything is against you. The movie has bad pacing, which is very apparent in the first hour. Add to that the weird cinematography and the screenplay which had more than half of the movie happening backstage of a concert. The movie does not have multiple scenes, just elongated ones and you can actually count the scenes in this movie. The movie tries to pass more information about the characters using home video footage. During all this, there seem to be a shallow understanding of the characters themselves, including Becky.

There are times you wish other things were happening other than the long conversations that were getting nowhere. The movie’s turning point which included the breakdown of Becky the rockstar would have been more dramatic if the cinematography was better and the fight more convincing.

That said, the performance delivered by Elizabeth Moss in this film as Becky is just amazing. Worth commending her and receiving an award for.

Like said above the movie is about the downfall of a rockstar, Becky rose to fame and at that moment became her own worse enemy. She had a fight with everyone around her and surrounded herself with sounding boards who just wanted to extort her.

When she hit the bottom of the barrel, she still was trying to hold things together believing much in herself as the drugs and alcohol were driving her. She soon lost even her closest friends (her band mates) who wanted nothing else to do with her bullshit.

It was then she hit rock bottom and lost everything. It then became the one things she at one point despise (her daughter) became the only thing she had that mattered.

I don’t know much of how this movie fared in the box-office, but from the way the movie is put together and the lack of buzz in my small circle I wonder if it made much of a profit.

The movie is directed and written by Alex Ross Perry who also served as producer along with Moss. Perry and Moss had worked together before on Queen of Earth. Perry also directed the live-action of Winnie the Pooh in 2018, Christopher Robin.

The movie also has Cara Delevingne who did nothing much in this movie and Dan Stevens who is the father to Becky’s daughter.

The only way I can ask you to see this movie is just to see the fantastic acting by Moss, you may love the movie also, but it is not a movie for everyone.


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