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Interstellar (2014)

 Interstellar (2014)



Matthew McConaughey

Anne Hathaway

Jessica Chastain

Bill Irwin

Directed by Christopher Nolan

Interstellar is a thought-provoking, emotional space opera with visual mastery and excellent effects. The movie circles around a bunch of casts and even though the plot can be a little brainy and at most times farfetched, you still get lost in the drama. The challenge of science to be this good in the future is a possibility that can only be debunked in like forty years.

The effect of time and the relativity of it adds to the excitement as at first you witness it at a distance, then a little error in judgment by one of the characters and you see it close up. The only downer here is that the movie does not have the best lines and there were scenes you can feel that the movie is dragging a little too much.

Written by Jonathan and Christopher Nolan, with the later directing Interstellar does not bother to play safe with its ideas. It takes place in 2067, where we see that the present world suffers from food shortage, which is as a result of a dying earth. The only kind of food which grows is maize/corn and almost everyone is now a farmer as jobs like engineer or those with scientific background have grown to be extinct.

We meet Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) a widowed NASA pilot who lives on his farm with his two children, a son Tom and brainy daughter Murph. One thing that catches you is Murph’s complaint of ghosts in her room. We later get to see that the disturbance done in Murph’s room were a message telling Cooper where to go. He drives to the co-ordinate and gets arrested and was separated from Murph. He wakes up in a government facility being questioned by a military robot. The drilling was interrupted by Dr. Amelia Brand (Anne Hathaway), a name Cooper knows which we soon discover is her father Dr. Brand (Michael Caine) Cooper’s former boss. Cooper was surprised to know that NASA was still functioning because during this time all resources were diverted from anything space exploration. Dr. Brand tells Cooper that there is life out there, and they know the location. They have sent twelve people to the twelve planets they suspect could house life. These planets are located near a black hole called Gargantua and he believes that unknown beings have positioned the wormhole near the planet.

Cooper was asked to pilot the ship that will go to the three planets suspected to have positive data based on the reports sent back by three of the twelve. They are to go investigate and pick the one which everyone could be able to live. Cooper decided to go even though his daughter was so much against it. The movie is about their emotional journey, the backstabbing, the lies and challenges they faced. Add to that the effects of time on their journey and the effect of time on the people they left behind.


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