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Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005)

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005)



Sandra Bullock

Regina King

Enrique Murciano

William Shatner

Ernie Hudson

Heather Burns

Directed by John Pasquin

Again Sandra Bullock was just ahead of everyone in this movie and made the jokes cool. It was funny I have to say, but the script moved from a pageant tale to a buddy cop movie. I think the movie would have done better with another name, instead of it being a sequel to Miss Congeniality. You can feel it, the whole trying to tie the present case of kidnapping to her role from the first film, seemed shabby. The moment the movie stopped the whole tie-in nonsense of her being the face of the bureau which relates to her role in the first film this film became moderately bearable.

Have in mind that making a second part to Miss Congeniality was totally unnecessary, Bullock is also a producer on this film which like the first film is way too long. Here we are five minutes shy of two hours and you are can see the movie losing its appeal as the case went on. Instead of making the best of some instances that came up, the movie decided to just make secondary plots which were either left unresolved or had nothing to do with the main plot.

The plot starts with us seeing Gracie (Bullock) get dumped by her love interest from the first film. Trust me based on his performance in the first film I was happy he was not in this one. Then we meet Fuller (Regina King), an over-hyper personality who is always angry and thinks with her fist first. I will have to say I have seen Regina King perform in many movies, this is not one of her best performances. The blame totally falls on the bad script and weak stereotype characterization to which her character is based. The movie writer and director just wanted to play the stereotypical buddy cop movie pairing, where one partner is calm and the other a loose canon.

Well, Gracie's friend and winner of the pageant in the first film got kidnapped and Gracie was sent with Fuller to Las Vegas to be the calm face of the press that the FBI has everything under control. While there, Gracie noticed that the case was not going well enough, she starts to get involved to the annoyance of the FBIs in Vegas. Gracie and Fuller later got over their differences and have to work together against the order of their boss to solve the case.

The movie was not much of a commercial or critical success. It is safe enough to know that there will not be a third part of this movie.


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