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The New Mutant (2020)

The New Mutant (2020)



Maisie Williams

Anya Taylor-Joy

Charlie Heaton

Alice Braga

Blu Hunt

Henry Zaga

Directed by Josh Boone

I don’t understand why this movie is this badly written. The director did not do a good job in the movie’s pacing – as there were moments in the movie where it seems like I was being dragged along in a planned delay of what was “really happening.”

I cannot understand how the director got so engaged in the mystery and keeping the whole incident/hunting of the facility at the forefront that he forgot that the movie was meant to entertain. The movie goes further in changing the role of Dr. Cecilia Reyes comic role and just makes a whole mess of what at first looked like something with potential.

I also did not feel the cast members except for Maisie Williams (who plays Wolfbane) and Alice Braga (as Dr. Reyes). The rest did not give the best they could, may be it is due to the script or the director, but I was not impressed. Seeing this movie after watching Anya Taylor-Joy (who plays Magik) in The Queen's Gambit if not for her fantastic acting in that film I would have written her off as someone who still has a lot to learn.

The movie starts with a very devastating event happening at a reservation during a tornado. The destruction turned young Dani to an orphan. She passes out during the whole ordeal and wakes up at a facility. There we meet Dr Reyes who we discover is keeping not only Dani there, but four other young mutants. Dani is told by Reyes that she is a mutant and she is in this facility to learn to control her powers before she is being moved up to join the X-men. Dani’s main challenge is that she is unaware of her powers and how they work.

The other people in the facility are Rahne/Wolfbane, Illyana/Magik, Sam/Cannonball and Bobby/Sunspot.

While there we discover their different character traits and attributes and soon the facility became a place of terror. The young mutants are not getting any better in controlling their powers and rage. We start to witness them having dreams about their pasts and those dreams become manifestations and real to touch hunting them all in the facility. With Dr. Reyes having little to no power to stop and control what is happening.

I guess Disney just wanted this movie out of the way in the launching of their new world of mutants. We should note that this movie was done by Fox before the Disney acquisition.

The movie is boring and wasteful of the talents on screen, I do not think the writers and directors had a firm grip of what there were supposed to be launching, because this was a bad film.


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